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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Soundness Exam


You’ve browsed our Supplement & Horse Care Guides, talked to your vet and Googled ‘glucosamine.’ But how much do you really know about joint supplements? Put your joint savvy to the test and find out if you could be smarter

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Adored in All Arenas


If you want to shop with confidence, head to Not only do we test every product on our own horses, we’ve got over 45,000 product reviews written by horse owners just like you. Check out these top picks, broken

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Meet Kelly and Hotrods Are Tempting


Name: Hotrods Are Tempting Age: 4 Gender: Gelding Breed: Quarter Horse Discipline: Western Pleasure & Western All-Around Owner: Kelly Lange Hotrod tends to be a worrier, and he used to spook very easily. He would get tense and was inattentive

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Instant Gratification


One-of-a-Kind Style On the Double We guarantee that embroidered or engraved items will ship out in two business days, or the embroidery’s on us! Around here, we don’t believe in trade-offs. Want it personalized and want it fast? You’ve come

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Bridle Fitting 101


    Whether you’re buying a new bridle or just trying to get the perfect fit for your current bridle, we’ve put everything you need-to-know in this short how-to video. Shop our entire collection of bridles »

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Equine Allergies: Is There Any Relief?


My horse suffers from severe allergies. She was covered with hives/edema from April through October last year. She was tested and is being given serum to, hopefully, desensitize her to the over 2 dozen airborne, insect, etc. allergies she has.

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All Wrapped Up


Some like it hot, others prefer to play it cool, and everybody loves their main squeeze. Whatever your wrapping needs are, we’ve got you covered. Cold Therapy Best For: New injuries, Excessive Heat, Swelling How it Works: Helps reduce inflammation,

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Meet Amanda and Vernon


My horse, Vernon, suffered from very sensitive skin and general skin “funk” for nearly two years. If he wasn’t covered in hives, his hair was falling out.

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Does this diet have too much protein for an older horse with Cushing’s?


I am writing for advice on my 26-year-old Arabian gelding. His body score condition is currently about a six. He has Cushing’s (receiving 1 mg Pergolide daily) and he also receives Cosequin joint supplement daily. He has been treated empirically

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That’s a Wrap!


You want to give your horse the support he needs, but with all the options out there, it can be tough to wrap your head around it.  So we made it easy! On Cloud Nine Wilker’s Combo Quilt Wraps are

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Give your senior exactly what he needs


Every horse’s needs change as they age, but they don’t all change in the same ways. Supporting your senior where he needs it most can keep him going strong for years to come. Not sure where to start? Check out

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Equine Allergies & Skin Health


Allergies & Skin Health An allergy is an exaggerated response from the immune system to a substance in the environment, called an allergen. Although horses can become allergic to things they eat, inhale, or touch, insect bite hypersensitivity (IBH or

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Meet Melanie & Joker


Name: Joker Gender: Gelding Breed: Quarter Horse Age: 18 Discipline: Barrel Racing Owners: Melanie McGee Four years ago, Joker’s hocks were so sore, he nearly had to retire from barrel racing. My vet recommended supporting his joints with a supplement,

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Is a Hay-Only Diet Sufficient?


My horses eat hay pellets (either Bermuda or alfalfa mix) and in the rainy season, 5 acres of weed pasture. What vitamins or minerals should I be supplementing? Kayla Dear Kayla, Depending on the age and use of your horses,

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The Inside Scoop: Is My Horse’s Grain Enough?


You can figure out what your horse is getting from his grain – just follow these 3 easy steps! Need help? Call our experts at 1-888-818-1459. HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • the label from your horse’s grain bag • a

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