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Feed Smarter Not Harder

As the inventors of SmartPaks, we know a thing or two about solving problems in the feed room. Check out these smart solutions!


 $9.95 - $17.95
(155 reviews)

Say goodbye to guesswork. The SureScoop makes it easy to know exactly how much you’re feeding, in weight, not volume, so you can accurately balance your horse’s diet.

SmartPak Small Hole Hay Net (Old)
(61 reviews)
SmartPak Small Hole Hay Net

The SmartPak Small Hole Hay Net has 3 1/2 cm holes that restrict access so your horse will slow down and enjoy his hay longer, and you’ll have a whole lot less waste. 38″ or 42″ diameter.

This ships free!
Burlingham Feed Cart

 $695.95 - $839.95
(8 reviews)
Burlingham Feed Cart

The Burlingham Feed Cart makes it easy for you to haul everything you need to speed through feeding. Three compartments hold a total of 240 lbs. of grain. Available in ten colors and, like everything else we carry, it ships for just $8.95!

E-Z ON Bucket Covers

 $15.95 - $16.95
(84 reviews)
E-Z On Bucket Cover

Thanks to the E-Z On Bucket Cover you can prepare meals ahead of time, without worrying about flies or other unwanted pests getting into the feed. 8 or 20 qt.

Custom SmartPak Storage Bag

 $25.95 - $34.95
(24 reviews)
Custom SmartPak Storage Bag

First, SmartPaks simplified supplements. Now the Custom SmartPak Storage Bag simplifies SmartPaks. Order it in your barn colors and hand it on your horse’s stall, so better health is always within arm’s reach. Standard or Large size.

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