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Give your senior exactly what he needs

Every horse’s needs change as they age, but they don’t all change in the same ways. Supporting your senior where he needs it most can keep him going strong for years to come. Not sure where to start? Check out the four sample scenarios below:


At 26, “Clearly” is enjoying the retired life after a career as a dressage horse, topping out at Prix St. Georges. He lives on pasture but has a hard time keeping weight on, especially in the winter.
Clearly’s joints worked hard over the course of his 20-year dressage career, so he gets a daily dose of SmartFlex® Senior Pellets to support his joints and keep him comfortably cruising around the field. Like many seniors, he has trouble maintaining his weight, so he’s also on SmartGain 4®.This comprehensive weight gain solution includes prebiotics and probiotics to support proper digestion and nutrient absorption, healthy fats for added calories, essential amino acids to support lean muscle mass, and Fenugreek for appetite stimulation.

SmartFlex® Senior Pellets Original

As Low As: $38.95
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SmartGain® Original

As Low As: $29.95
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At 15-year-old champion reiner, “Laney” is still on the road showing successfully.
While Laney is only 15 years old, she started showing in national competitions as a two year old, and has been going strong ever since. With constant exposure to different locations, and the stresses of training, traveling and showing, she needs extra support to stay at the top of her game. Senior Flex H/A provides excellent support for Laney’s hard-working joints to help keep her competing comfortably. SmartProtect® Ultra and SmartDigest® Ultra provide immune and digestive support to help her cope with the stress of competing all over the country.

Senior Flex H/A Pellets

As Low As: $42.65
(47 reviews)
SmartProtect® Ultra Pellets
(46 reviews)
SmartDigest® Ultra Powder

As Low As: $38.95
(746 reviews)


A 29-year-old retired show jumper with joint discomfort, “Riser” is an easy keeper and only gets a handful of grain.
After a career as a competitive show jumper, Riser’s joints are a little stiff and sore. Otherwise, he’s generally very healthy, but at 29, there are internal physical changes to consider when formulating his nutritional plan. As horses age, they begin to become less efficient at digesting, absorbing and metabolizing their feed (this is different then simple dental problems, which many seniors suffer from as well, so it’s good to have them checked by a dentist every six months). Many seniors also have weakened immune systems, leaving them more prone to illness or slower to heal. For these reasons, SmartFlex® Senior contains a comprehensive range of ingredients to support Riser’s joints, digestion and immunity. Riser has no problem maintaining a healthy weight. However, since he’s only getting a handful of fortified grain, he’s not receiving a full serving of essential vitamins and minerals. To round out his diet, he gets a daily dose of SmartVite Thrive Senior Pellets.

SmartFlex® Senior Pellets Original

As Low As: $38.95
(1436 reviews)
SmartVite Thrive Senior Pellets

As Low As: $23.95
(57 reviews)


“Strider” is 19 and still going strong at Training Level eventing. At the height of the show season, he does show signs of his age, losing weight and getting stiff and sore.
Strider needs a joint supplement to help him avoid the discomfort that comes from working so hard at his age. Unfortunately, traditional senior supplements contain herbs that may be banned by some show organizations. Fortunately for Strider, SmartFlex® Senior Herb-Free contains all of the joint, digestive and antioxidant support as SmartFlex® Senior, without any herbal ingredients. Cocosoya Ultra SP™ contains prebiotics and probiotics for digestive support, along with healthy fats from Flax Seed and Rice Bran to help Strider maintain his weight, and put a healthy shine on his coat.

CocoSoya® Ultra SP

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(234 reviews)
SmartFlex® Senior Herb-Free Pellets Original

As Low As: $41.95
(331 reviews)

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2 comments on “Give your senior exactly what he needs
  1. carole lynn says:

    i have a senior horse and i have troubles keeping wait on him what should i do for him and what do need to keep him in good shap. PS help me.

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