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Meet Kelly and Hotrods Are Tempting

Name: Hotrods Are Tempting
Age: 4
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Quarter Horse
Discipline: Western Pleasure & Western All-Around
Owner: Kelly Lange

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Hotrod tends to be a worrier, and he used to spook very easily. He would get tense and was inattentive when there was a lot of commotion going on around him. I started him on SmartCalm® Ultra and within a couple of days I noticed an improvement. He is much more attentive when I’m riding, and he’s willing to approach and investigate things that would’ve been too scary before. He maintains his composure during stressful situations, but doesn’t act dull or sleepy. I am very impressed with SmartCalm® Ultra, and will continue using it.

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3 comments on “Meet Kelly and Hotrods Are Tempting
  1. Mary Goldy says:

    Ironically I have an Appaloosa with a lot of AQHA blood,
    named Hotrodders Red Cloud.
    He too is hard to focus and likes to look at everything and worry, worry, worry.
    He was on the regular Smartcalm and it helped some. He just stated the Ultra Smartcalm. Hopefully it will help to worry less about his pasture mates and “monsters” hiding in the bushes.

  2. Leslie Lorah says:

    Hi, we rescued a horse just a year ago this month! He has been great however it seems that he is an emotional horse! With hot weather, thunder storms, or I should say any change in weather, or even after being worked with or any stress using his brain I guess! If it’s perfect 60 outside and does his usual routine then his bowels are fine! If riden, change in weather- then “plop” loose stool, he will be normal and then not? Our vet said maybe he has IBS! And tells us to do imodium, however I’m not comfortable doing that almost every day and with a wide range of bowels throughout the day! Do you think this product will help! We just started robust mare magic! And he Is on pro biotics as well!

    • SmartPak SmartPak says:

      Hi Leslie,

      A calming supplement may be appropriate, but I would probably try this horse on additional or different digestive support. Prebiotics, enzymes, yeast and other ingredients as well as probiotics may help manage his GI tract. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different products and brands, giving each at least a month to work. For some reason, some horses respond well to one digestive supplement while others do better on a different digestive supplement. Please call us at 1-888-752-5171 if we can be of any further assistance!

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