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Tales from the Trails

We have a diverse team at SmartPak! Many of us are riders, many of us are horse owners, some of us show and spend hours in the saddle. Rider or not, all were welcome on our Annual SmartPak Trail Ride. We gathered a crew of SmartPakers and headed off to Sunset Stables in Lincoln, RI where we saddled up and hit the trails!

Our group included quite an array of riders from hunter/jumpers and dressage queens to husbands who had never sat on a horse, and of course our IT Manager- Juan. We enjoyed a sunny day and a relaxing ride out in the forest lead by expert trail guides. Our mounts were wonderful and took good care of us, especially those who had never ridden before. While we really liked each and every horse we met, crowd favorites included a mustang named Nitro and a really great quarter horse named Fusion. The crew enjoyed a nice picnic lunch afterward at the stable’s picnic area. We had a great time and can’t wait to do it again!

Tom, our CFO riding FusionJenny from Customer Care, all smiles on Marshall
Bekky and Jenny with Peanut
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