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What was your SmartPaks “Ah-ha!” Moment?

We’ve spent a lot of time in feed rooms, and seen a lot of interesting ways horse owners try to manage their supplements. We polled our Facebook fans to find out the moment when they realized SmartPaks could change their lives forever.

Beth My “ah-ha” moment was when I opened a container of joint supplement to find a big, fat old rat sitting in the bucket!! I was a customer of SmartPak that night!!

Brooke While sitting on the ground with Denali’s supplements trying to make up her containers, I realized I was wasting two hours of my life for only two weeks of supplements. I went home and found out that I could SAVE money by using SmartPaks.

Stacy My ah-ha moment was realizing how many times my horse “missed” a dose, and it was all my fault…Much easier to have them auto-shipped and never miss a day when they show up on your doorstep!

Sara With SmartPaks, I never have to worry about somebody else’s interpretation of what a “scoop” is and if it’s different from mine or not or whether my horses are getting the same amount of supplement every night.

Fay When my huge draft horses are hungry and banging on their stall doors while I prepare their meals. SmartPaks are what gives me the speed needed to keep them from ripping the doors down!

Jennifer I had no idea what I was missing until I switched to SmartPaks. When I’m in a hurry, the convenience is great, and when I travel to a show, I don’t have to bring extra tubs or hassle with measuring out individual scoops before I go…Yes, I do love my SmartPaks!

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2 comments on “What was your SmartPaks “Ah-ha!” Moment?
  1. Gabrielle says:

    My ah-ha moment was after I spent 3 hours preparing suppliments, beat pulp & grain for 5 different horses for a 4 day horse camping trip. I switched right after the trip:)

  2. beth s. says:

    My switch was due to haveing to go from my farm to bording my horses

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