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Meet Libby and Hot Rockin Potential

Name: Hot Rockin Potential (“Sonny”)
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Quarter Horse
Age: 6
Discipline: Western All Around
Owners: Libby Ridner

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I’ve owned Sonny for two years now. Together my trainer, Whitney Lagace, I’ve brought him along in trail, horsemanship, and western pleasure. We compete a lot, so we are constantly traveling, which I know can be really stressful for horses. A couple months back, Sonny’s behavior started to change — he seemed stressed and worried all the time, which was really out of character for him. A friend had some SmartGut left over from a horse she had sold, and she suggested that I give it a try. Pretty soon, Sonny was back to his old self — more relaxed and confident, in and out of the show ring. We’ve kept him on SmartGut ever since, and have been really pleased with the difference it’s made. Since being on SmartGut, Sonny has gone on to win numerous circuit championships in junior trail. In fact, he finished out his junior career with a World Championship in Junior Trail at the 2010 AQHA World Show. I have one more year as a youth rider, so we’re really going to push hard for the youth trail classes. I’m really excited to see what this next year brings for us.

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3 comments on “Meet Libby and Hot Rockin Potential
  1. Sugel says:

    As Ive noted before hes Sonny Dee Bar bred and while I just hated those horses 15 years ago now I sing their praises.

    • Ega says:

      this before but the scene where Lumpawaroo’s Bantha toy is dyesroetd by the stormtroopers for some reason as a child sent me into a bawling fit. Perhaps it was the injustice of a child, even a child wookie having an adult destroy something they love you know what? It still makes me teary-eyed. 😉

  2. Sewana says:

    Cheers pal. I do appeircate the writing.

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