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Meet Jennifer and Bachelor #2

Name: Bachelor #2 (“Otto”)
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Hanoverian
Age: 15
Discipline: Hunters
Owners: Jennifer Porter

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Otto was imported from Germany in 2000 when I purchased him to be my partner in the Adult Amateur Hunters. For the first few years, everything went great — he was healthy and happy. At some point, he started having regular digestive problems. They started out pretty mild, but eventually they got so serious that he ended up in the hospital twice, the second time requiring surgery. I worked with my vet and took my time bringing him back from surgery. I changed his diet, increased his turnout and started feeding SUCCEED. After making those changes, his digestive health greatly improved and those old symptoms haven’t returned. Otto is 15 this year and we’re still showing together.

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One comment on “Meet Jennifer and Bachelor #2
  1. Darrance says:

    Super excited to see more of this kind of stuff onnlie.

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