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Meet Meg, Aimee and Obsession

Name: Obsession (“Orion”)
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Dutch Warmblood
Age: 15
Discipline: Hunter/Jumper
Owners: Meg and Aimee Boyer

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I have owned Orion for nine years, and he has always been an enthusiastic eater, to say the least. But last spring, things changed. After a winter of showing in Wellington, FL, Orion shipped home to Massachusetts. It’s a trip we’ve made plenty of times before, and Orion has always been an excellent traveler. But after getting home, he lost interest in his feed, sometimes not even finishing meals. This was completely out of character, so we immediately had him scoped by our vet. Sure enough, Orion had gastric ulcers. We proceeded to treat the ulcers with GastroGard, and started Orion on SmartGut Pellets for continuing support. These days, Orion is still traveling and competing regularly, and he has not had even a trace of gastric upset. This was reason enough for me to start all of my show horses on SmartGut. We ask so much of these horses, it’s only fair to give them the support they need to stay happy and healthy. Thanks SmartPak, for such a great product!

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