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Peek in Our Paks – Jenny

Ever wish you could take a sneak peek inside our horses’ SmartPaks? Now you can! Check out the supplements we love, for the horses we adore.

This Month’s Pick

Staff Member: Jenny Harris
Department: Customer Care
Horse: Chief, 4 year old Thoroughbred/Morgan
Discipline: Dressage

I have been riding since I was five years old and have always really enjoyed working with young horses. Earlier this year I found out about Chief through my best friend, who is a rider and trainer at Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue in New York. I adopted him, and I couldn’t be happier that I did! We’ve only been together five months, but I’m head over heels for him. He progresses a little more every day and is the sweetest most loveable little guy I’ve ever met! For now we’re working on building a strong dressage foundation, but I’d love to teach him to jump when he’s a little older.

Chief’s SmartPaks

Chief’s SmartPaks include:
SmartDark & Handsome, SmartOmega 3, and SmartFlex® I Maintenance Pellets.

SmartDark & Handsome® Original

As Low As: $21.95
(285 reviews)
SmartOmega 3™
(588 reviews)
SmartFlex® I Maintenance Pellets Original

As Low As: $24.95
(259 reviews)

I am lucky enough to board where Chief gets all day turnout. His coat is soft, shiny and dark, and I would love to keep it looking great all the way through the end of summer and beyond. He spends a lot of time out in the sun, and SmartDark & Handsome helps avoid that sun-bleached orange look. I love the combination of ingredients in this product and Chief loves the taste! Plus, of course, he is smart, dark and incredibly handsome, so it was practically made for him!

Omega 3 fatty acids have so many health benefits, and many horses don’t get enough in their diets. In my education at SmartPak, I learned that an average horse needs up to 16 hours of grazing on fresh pasture daily to meet their nutritional requirements. Since his turnout has limited grass, I wanted to make sure to bridge the gap, all the while adding to his overall health and well-being. SmartOmega 3 was a great addition to his diet.

As a SmartPak Supplement Expert, I’m often asked: “Why does a young horse need a joint supplement? He doesn’t have any problems.” While every horse is different, I support Chief with SmartFlex I Maintenance, even though he only just turned 4 and is healthy and sound. Riding is still relatively new to him, so carrying a rider, working on 20 meter circles and learning leg yields all add stress on his joints (and sometimes his brain!) that didn’t used to be there. I like to think of SmartFlex I Maintenance as an “investment” in the future health of his joints. As his training progresses, his “Flex” product will grow along with his workload. I find our
Choose Your Flex” page very helpful when evaluating his needs.

Why Jenny Uses SmartPaks

I’ll admit it – I’m a control freak when it comes to my horse. I’ve never had the luxury of full boarding until now and “giving up the reins” has been hard for me. I’m sure with 29 other horses to feed every day, the barn staff prefers not to scoop out of 3 separate buckets. I know I would! Also, horses are expensive! I like knowing that Chief is getting exactly what’s on the label with every feeding because it means I’m getting exactly what I paid for.

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