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Judge My Ride Premium Evaluations – Olivia Lawton and Chubby

Olivia Lawton and Chubby—September 30, 2011

From: Judge Carol Dean-Porter

It is very difficult to see the far end of the ring because the videographer is stationed at ground level and did not operate the “zoom” function of the camera. For future reference, if one can video (or photograph) from an elevated vantage point, the view improves.

It appears that you slightly cut the corner to the first fence and arrived at a pretty deep distance off a partial step. Although you jump in the center of the fence, you land to the right and keep drifting right. This sets your horse up for a late (but clean) lead change.

Your second fence is a repeat performance (but magnified) of the first jump. You arrive on a half step, jump way off to the right and your horse even rubs the panel hard enough that I can see it move from this distance.

By the time you have jumped only two fences, I can see major flaws which will penalize you on my card. You have trouble jumping in the center of the fence AND you have trouble finding distances! Your very late lead change is caused in part by bending your horse to the outside.

Interestingly, to the third fence, you jump off to the left. Your distance is “probably” a bit deep but off a full stride.

I can’t see the fourth fence well enough to have much opinion except there are no major errors. This next lead change is the best yet: clean and timely.

The last fence is once again pretty deep. You arrived there on a late correction of “shorter, shorter, shorter”.

Overall, your position is pretty good from what I can see. Your lower leg is in good position, with heel well down. You keep nice soft contact with the mouth throughout the course. Your downward transition at the end is good. Your pace is good and this horse jumps in nice form. It is vital to jump in the center of the fences and it is vital to be more accurate with your distances.

Guide rails will help to teach your horse to stay straight over the jumps but it is important for you to line him up from the corner correctly. Placing rails will help to improve you “eye” for distances. Set the rails out 9 or 10 feet from the jump and practice finding the distance to the rail. The jump will already be set up from the rail.

Remember to ride the rhythm and don’t “take away” until you see it, keep going. You can also hold out another step rather than cut the corner.

From: Judge Rob Gage

Even though the 1st jump was directly away from the camera, it still looked like you got there a little short….that your horse didn’t jump it out of his natural cantering rhythm.

The video was shot pretty distant, as no one ever “zoomed in”!

Still….everything looked “loose”. For instance, your lead change at this end of the ring was late. Fortunately for you, it seems he does wonderful lead changes…but in reality, you never really “set him up” for it. I would like to see more “crispness” in your performance.

Remember about finding distances… is your responsibility, and not your horse’s. I always say: “It is the rider’s job to find the take-off spots….it is the horse’s job to listen to the rider”!! Finally, I really liked your horse.

I thought he jumped quite nicely & relaxed. I think he would be equally at home in he hunter ring or the eq ring.

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