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Meet Jenna, Barb and Dude

Name: Dude’s Shadowdancer (Dude)
Gender: Gelding
Age: 14
Discipline: Eventing and All-Around
Owners: Jenna and Barb Hedstrom

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When we first brought Dude home, he was not in good shape. We took his health and well-being seriously, so we had our vet perform a very thorough check-up. Along with needing shots, deworming, dental and chiropractic work, poor Dude had ulcers. We went through the expensive ulcer treatment, and with proper care and nutrition, Dude blossomed.

When we decided to put Dude into training again this year, I knew the move and training would put him under stress. I wanted to do all I could to avoid another bout with ulcers. I did extensive research on supplements and decided to go with SmartGut. Since starting SmartGut, I’ve noticed that Dude is cribbing less and is no longer girthy and agitated when getting tacked up. Horses can’t tell us when they don’t feel well – the clues are in their behavior. Clearly, SmartGut has made a substantial difference in how Dude feels. We’ve seen significant changes to his disposition and behavior. This is a supplement he’s going to stay on for good.

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