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Sergio Grasso: Two Generations of Fine Italian Bootmaking

Sergio Grasso has a passion for making beautiful riding boots

Sergio Grasso was established at the beginning of the 1980’s.The aim was to combine quality with traditional Italian skills to create the ultimate high tech riding boots. The twenty-year experience of the industrialist from Verona is intertwined with his huge passion for horses and riding. The entire Grasso family is involved in the project. Monica Grasso deals with customer relations, both for Italy and abroad, consolidating and expanding the worldwide branding. Emilia Grasso looks after the production and the quality control, working closely with the staff, who are truly master shoe-makers, to ensure that each and every article is made to the highest standards.

“Every single pair of boots has to be of the highest quality”. This is the ideal that drives the factory’s productivity, along with a strong belief in the product. “The technology present in my factory is the best available for the boot manufacturing process. But this is not the most the important factor. It is merely a way of working better and more efficiently. The quality is created by the craftsmen, with the experience, care and the pride they exhibit in their work. Not the machinery.”

Sergio Grasso Imperia Field Boot
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“We always buy the best leather available on the market, but this is still not enough for our exacting standards. Each hide is carefully examined and all the natural defects such as scars, abrasions and tears are noted and that area of the hide discarded. This ensures that the boots are cut only from the best part of the leather. This method creates a large amount of rejected material but results in a higher quality finished product.” Each stage of the production schedule is this precise in the quest for perfection. For example, the shoe cream is smeared on the boot using only natural sponges -the same used to bath babies- because for Sergio Grasso, the synthetic versions are too harsh and can damage the leather.

“Making a boot is not difficult. The difficulty lies in making a Sergio Grasso riding boot.” says Sergio with an infectious smile.

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