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Judge My Ride Premium Evaluations – Jennifer Mosher Gordon and Piper

Jennifer Mosher Gordon and Piper—November 11, 2011

From: Judge Robert Gage

This is a lovely horse, well turned out, and quite shiny! I like that the point of her haunch is the same height as her withers.

Her hind end is round with very good muscle tone. Therefore, I am surprised, that her tummy kind of hangs down a little?

She has a nice deep chest, and her shoulders are set on perfectly. If I were actually judging her in a hunter conformation class, I would note that her pasterns are pretty straight up & down.

Also, for hunter conformation, I would say that she is a bit thick through the throat latch, with kind of longish ears. Still, don’t misunderstand me… is my job as a judge “to be picky”. I still think she is a lovely horse!

From: Judge Carol Dean-Porter

Three year old Thoroughbreds are more mature than warm bloods of the same age. This photo is taken from a slight “front-to-back” view, so I think her hindquarters are actually better developed than this photo suggests.

She has nice short cannons and is probably slightly tied in below the knee. She appears to be straight on both front. It may be shadowing, but it is possible that her left front fetlock has a small enlargement on the outside. I cannot see the right front, as it is hidden by her left.

Her withers are well laid back and slightly low. They may develop more with age, or may remain a bit low. This can make saddle fitting a bit tricky.

Her shoulder has nice angle, which is slightly better than her pastern angle. Her neck ties onto the shoulder well but is slightly long on the underside. Her crest is nice. Care must be taken to develop the top side of the neck in order to help her balance. She may be slightly thick through the throat latch.

She is probably slightly long backed, or it may simply be the angle of the photo. She has the beginnings of good muscle along the top line. Keep working to develop the loin muscle.

She has well sprung ribs and good depth through the heart-girth.

It is possible she is slightly sickle hocked, difficult to tell from this angle. She appears to have a thoroughpin on the left, which adds to my suspicion about the structure.

Overall, she has nice muscle in the shoulder, forearm and gaskin. She needs more development in the hip. She is smooth and beautifully turned out. I love her expression!

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One comment on “Judge My Ride Premium Evaluations – Jennifer Mosher Gordon and Piper
  1. Jennifer Gordon says:

    Thank you so much for the comments! Piper has come a long way from the skinny 2 year old that was potentially going to slaughter. This picture was taken 6 months after I got her. I hope to have a fun and successful career with her in the hunter ring!

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