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Meet Cathy, Mack & Slew

Name: Mack & Slew
Gender: Geldings
Breed: Trakehner & Anglo-Arab
Age: 14 & 11
Discipline: Pleasure
Owners: Cathy Putnam

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Mack has always had chronically weak feet and he was always losing shoes. We were lucky if he went four weeks before he tore one off and shredded his hoof. I ordered Glänzen 3 and before I knew it, his shoes were lasting for 8 weeks! After years on Glänzen 3, he has consistently held his shoes well, and his feet are healthy and strong. When we bought our new horse, Slew, he needed corrective shoeing, and his former owner said he would never go barefoot. We put him on Glänzen 3 and he’s been doing great! His feet look like they were just trimmed yesterday — not even a chip around the edge. My boys have both been barefoot all winter and their feet look fantastic! They will never go without their Glänzen 3!

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