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Winter Look Book 2011: Fashion over Function? No Way!


Fashion or Function? Who Says You Have to Choose?

Who says you can’t marry these two things together (even when the temperature drops)? Growing up in rural Vermont there was no option to wear non-functional clothing in the winter. You wanna be warm while feeding the chickens and throwing hay? Put on your duck lined jacket, fleece lined overalls, and long john bergelene underwear, layered again with a turtleneck and a thick pair of my Dad’s wool socks. Likewise, you wanna be toasty while heading to the indoor arena? Put on your ELT Thermo Arosa Coat, Tuff Rider Tundra Fleece Lined Boots, and your Kerrits Sit Tight N’ Warm Breeches and badabing badaboom, you’ll be layered and warm while still being able to perform at the highest of levels (not to mention you’ll look fabulous).

“Olivia, meet Oscar” But how do you layer all that clothing without looking like blown up marshmallow? Carefully selecting each piece to balance out weight, wicking and warmth isn’t always the easiest task, so my goal with this Look Book was to present each look in a way that allows you to stay warm in the briskest of temperatures, while still looking fashion forward and completely avoiding the “Michelin/Pillsbury Dough Boy” curse. It’s all about balance, in my opinion. Balancing those heavy layers with a light one, bold patterns with a neutral tone, and last but not least balancing those high price points with a lower one. Who says you can’t look cute while mucking your stalls or stacking hay in your old and faithful Tack Classics?

“Keeping warm between shots on set” Here at SmartPak, we strive to keep things balanced. We are practical, real and functional horse people. We love what we do and we love to share that with you. The Winter 2011 Look Book strives to do just that – show you how to balance a whole bunch of layers, look pulled together and still be seriously functional at the barn. We’ve also strived to bring you a variety of price points – yeah, when your wardrobe for the day consists of 10 layers; that can get expensive! But I hope that you will find that each look holds a variety of options for each and every wishlist, from an Ariat top, to a Dubarry blazer, you can still mix and match, and layer upon layer without breaking your horsey bank.

So peel back the layers on our Winter 2011 Look Bookand see for yourself!

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