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Gifts That Are Sure to Please

Still got some shopping to do? Skip the crowds at the mall and shop from the comfort of your couch – just head to From tack to treats, we’ve got great gifts that the riders (and horses!) on your list will enjoy all year round! Check out these real rave reviews from customers who bought (or received) great gifts from SmartPak:


Wellfleet Figure 8 Bridle by SmartPak
(26 reviews)

Wellfleet Figure 8 Bridle by SmartPak

Simply Great Bridle

“A gift for my daughter. She is picky, but she just loved it. The leather is so soft. The extra padding on the headband is great. Her horse looks terrific in it. AND, her instructor said he wished he had one just like it.” – MA from Hellertown, PA

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Antares Elastic Breastplate

(30 reviews)

Antares Elastic Breastplate

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

“I received this breastplate as my one and only gift for my 15th birthday. It is extremely expensive: let’s just get over that right away because it is seriously worth every penny. Buy it. Seriously, you will not regret it. It is effective, beautiful, and extraordinary quality.” – SP from Bainbridge Island, WA

Plymouth Dressage Bridle by SmartPak

Lovely Bridle

“This bridle was a Christmas gift from my husband to replace the bridle that I have been using for 13 years. I absolutely love it! The leather is soft and supple and the padding is soft and comfortable. I could not have picked a better bridle. Thank you again SmartPak. Your product line is FANTASTIC!” – KL from Chapin, SC

SmartPak Small Diamond Deluxe Dressage Saddle Pad

Amazing Pad for the Price

“I bought two and my trainer loved it so much I bought her one as a gift as well! Very happy with this purchase. I might even buy another one or two for showing – they’re that nice!” – EM from Thetford Center, VT

Fleck Nylon Dressage Whip

(40 reviews)

Fleck Dressage Whip


“Got this as a gift for my trainer. She loves it!” – NS from Hillsboro, MO


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Mountain Horse Polar Breech

(95 reviews)

Mountain Horse Polar Breech


“I have a pair that I received as a gift 2 years ago and I love them. We trail ride in the winter and they are just great.” – DB from Woolrich, PA

Dubarry Kirwan Sweater
(3 reviews)

Dubarry Kirwan Sweater

Great gift for my momma

“I got this sweater for my mother for Christmas and she absolutely loved it (so did I – I almost kept it for myself!).” – SP from Nyack, NY

Equine Couture Spinnaker Rain Shell Pants

The Bargain of the Century!!

“We had a downpour recently, and the pants kept me nice and dry while I was working outside. I really love these pants, and the price is so reasonable I plan on buying several pairs to give to friends as birthday gifts. I know they’ll enjoy them as much as I do!” – MJ form Harwich, MA

For Your Feet

This ships free!
Dubarry Galway Boot

(172 reviews)

Dubarry Galway Boot


“I was fortunate enough to get these as a birthday gift and I was thrilled. I fearlessly stomp in mud and splash through water because these boots just hose right off and still look excellent. They rarely leave my feet. I begrudgingly take them off for bed time.” – JR from Rochester, WA

Tredstep da Vinci Field Boot
(55 reviews)

Tredstep da Vinci Field Boot

Gorgeous Boots!

“I bought these boots as a college graduation gift for my sister. They were PERFECT! The tapered ankle fit beautifully, the calf options allowed for a truly ‘custom’ fit, and the height will be perfect when they drop. I love them so much I plan to order myself a pair!” – SR from Lakeville, MA

Tuff Rider Winter Riding Boot
(88 reviews)

Tuff Rider Winter Riding Boot

Wonderful, Useful Gift

“This was the best Christmas gift I received: Stylish and practical. I put these boots to the test the other night when the temperature dropped to -11F. While it was too cold to ride, my toes and legs stayed perfectly warm without any extra socks while doing barn chores. These boots are just as comfortable for riding as they are for walking. I truly enjoy wearing them.” – MZ from Ingleside, IL

Ariat® Heritage III Zip Paddock
(157 reviews)

Ariat Heritage III Zip Paddock

I love these boots

“I got these boots as a gift about 2yrs ago and will NEVER go back to any other brand!! They are super comfy and a great bargain for the price.”
– KP from Brockton, MA

Dubarry Menorca Ladies Deck Shoe
(7 reviews)

Dubarry Menorca Ladies Deck Shoe

So cute!

“I just got these as a birthday gift today and I could not wait to get them out of the box and wear them! They are very cute with jeans and I look forward to wearing them everywhere! They are super soft and comfortable.” – CH from Lansing, IL

Stocking Stuffers

Rhinestone Belt- 1"
(11 reviews)

Rhinestone Belt

Rhinestone Belt

“This was a birthday gift for a friend. She loves it and wears it to all riding lessons.”
– LV from Baton Rouge, LA

180's Puffy Quilt Ear Warmers
(8 reviews)

180’s Puffy Quilt Ear Warmers

180’s Puffy Quilted Ear Warmers

“I was thrilled to find the quilted 180’s online. I had a pair and lost them. The new pair that I bought from SmartPak fit perfectly and provided me with the same warmth and comfort as the lost pair. I have ordered 3 more pair for gifts.”
– BB from Chillicothe, OH

Kensington Grooming Tote

(132 reviews)

Kensington Grooming Tote

Didn’t know I needed one!

“I didn’t know I needed/wanted something like this till I saw it in person! I had actually ordered one of these to use as a gift basket for someone and after receiving it, I loved it so much, I ended up ordering another one, in my color of course!”
– MD from Albany, OR

Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook - 3rd Edition
(5 reviews)

Horse Owner’s Veterinary Handbook – 3rd Edition

Good to have around!

“I am a big fan of this book for basic horse care. It is well written and I think something that would be handy for any horse owner to have, especially a first time owner. I got my first version as a gift when I was 14 and it was the perfect guide.”
– AD from Lexington, KY

For the horses in your life

Mrs. Pastures Stocking
(34 reviews)

Mrs. Pastures Stocking

Great gift idea for your stable friends!

“They are well packaged and always welcomed by the horse-recipients. In my opinion, they are then next-best thing to a SmartPak gift certificate. 😉 “
– AC from Georgetown, TX

Bob's Sweet Stripes
(17 reviews)

Bob’s Sweet Stripes

We both love these peppermints

“These soft peppermints are the best treat for human and horse alike. They carry well in your pocket and are soft so they’re perfect for giving your horse as a reward at the end of a ride. Highly recommend as gifts as well.” – NS from Ridgefield, CT

The Cantering Chef Horse Treats

 $9.95 - $22.95
(113 reviews)

The Cantering Chef Horse Treats

Zack likes these!

“Zack got these cookies as a birthday gift. Being a finicky older TB, I wondered how he would like them. Zack loves these and the fact that they don’t crumble, means he gets all the cookie and my dog is not eating the crumbs. Great treat!”
– CM from Petaluma, CA

The Cantering Chef Bran Mash
(41 reviews)

The Cantering Chef Bran Mash

Great Christmas Present for Barn Buddies

“I give this as a present every year and every year this gift is a hit with owners and horses alike. Even for the picky horses in the barn who normally do not eat mash, the Cantering Chef mash with peppermint and carrots is a welcome treat. Highly recommend this as a present or fabulous treat for you and the horse you love.”
– SI from Woodbridge, VA

Wellfleet Fancy Stitch Padded Halter by SmartPak
(118 reviews)

Wellfleet Fancy Stitch Padded Halter by SmartPak


“This was a gift for a friend – it is a good thing that I had it personalized, or I would never have given it away; I would have kept it for myself! Very nice leather & pretty stitching. Comes out of the package soft and supple.” – LB from Cedar Rapids, IA

Wellfleet Double Raised Padded Halter by SmartPak
(27 reviews)

Wellfleet Double Raised Padded Halter by SmartPak

Beautiful Halter

“I purchased this halter as a gift for a friend of mine and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the halter. It is stunningly beautiful. I think my horse may be getting one as well!” – AA from Issaquah, WA

Rambo Quarter Horse Original Turnout
(28 reviews)

Rambo Quarter Horse Original Turnout

Rambo is the way to go

“Received this as a gift after my husband watched me wrestling with repairs on lesser blankets. My barn owner says ‘there’s some serious technology in those blankets.’ They are the only ones she recommends, and true, they are the ones at the barn that NEVER rip, even when they’re old and faded.” – GG from Warrenton, VA

For the Kids in Your Life

EquiLeather Lace Paddock Boots - Kids


Sale Price: $19.99

(15 reviews)

EquiLeather Lace Paddock Boots – Kids

Good Purchase

“A gift for my granddaughter and perfect for what she needed. Child size boots are hard to find in a store and these were well made and a good price.”
– PD from Snohomish, WA

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