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Meet Linda and Dusty

Name: Dusty
Gender: Gelding
Age: 15
Discipline: Therapy horse
Owner: Linda McLendon, Full Circle Therapeutic Riding

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Dusty is an important member of our program at Full Circle Therapeutic Riding. During the worst drought in Florida’s recorded history, he developed a very severe and debilitating cough. Treatments ordered by two veterinarians failed him and we took him to a clinic for evaluation. They completed an ultrasound, throat scope, wash and culture and ordered heavy duty medications.

We tried wetting his hay, but that didn’t work, and he had to be taken off all hay. With our pastures in dust, he became very depressed and the cough became much worse. I was facing financial and emotional devastation because he is such an important part of our therapeutic riding program.

As a last resort, I ordered SmartBreathe, after having read about the product and some of the testimonials. What an amazing supplement! I saw a marked improvement in Dusty within the first week of feeding him SmartBreathe, and he has steadily come back even better than
he was before. We can’t thank you enough for SmartBreathe and for Dusty’s health.

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One comment on “Meet Linda and Dusty
  1. Susan says:

    Thats amazing I love this site! I order ALL my horseback riding stuff from her.

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