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Yearly Archives: 2011

Meet Brianna and Promise

Last fall, Promise strained a ligament during turnout. After eight weeks of stall rest, she was very cranky and spooky, which was unusual for her. Given her circumstances and her symptoms, I asked my vet about ulcers, and he confirmed the diagnosis.

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Supplement Time Limit?

Just read a blog from early September regarding a suspensory ligament injury, as my mare is going through the same thing. We did stall rest with slowly increasing hand walking, icing, wrapping, anti-inflammatories, & Q 6 wk ultrasounds. I put her on SmartTendon, but now just switched her to SmartFlex Rehab as it contains more of the important joint ingredients. My question is: Is there a time limit recommended for a horse to be on this particular supplement?

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Winter Look Book 2011: Fashion over Function? No Way!

Who says you can’t marry these two things together? – especially when the temperature drops. Growing up in rural Vermont there was no option to wear non-functional clothing in the winter. You wanna be warm while feeding the chickens and throwing hay? Put on your duck lined jacket, fleece lined overalls, and long john bergelene underwear, layered again with a turtleneck and a thick pair of my Dad’s wool socks…

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Judge My Ride Premium Evaluations – Michaela Lee and Delenn

This is a terrific photo. Delenn is giving a wonderful effort. Just look at his front legs, and how well he has his knees up & folded….doesn’t get any better than that!

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Meet Amanda and Emily

Emily, my eight year old Appendix Quarter Horse mare, suffered a deep digital flexor tendon injury and was put on stall rest with no turnout. Her outlook was good, but we were facing a 12+ month road to recovery. Though Emily was eventually eased back into work, being confined to her stall 23 hours a day left her antsy and anxious, with too much energy…

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Scratches: Will His Heels Ever Heal?

What is the most effective medical treatment for scratches (pastern dermatitis)? For the first time, my horse has them below his front fetlocks. I have been told conflicting advice by two different vets. One says to remove the scabs, the other said not to. I have been scrubbing them and spraying them, and doing my best to keep my gelding’s feet clean and dry. What medication and treatment do you recommend? A prescription is fine, as I will be able to get it from my vet. Thank you and God bless.
– TC, Pennsylvania

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Meet Jamey and Angus

Since Cortez is doing so well on his SmartPaks, I decided to try my dog, Angus, on your canine PortionPaks. After reading your pamphlet, I wanted to get him on a better quality food and the LiveSmart line looked like a great choice. We just received our order and he loved it the minute he saw “his” order arrive.

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Meet Jamey and Cortez

When I bought my horse over two years ago, my trainer and I both realized he was a project. He came to me underweight, with a dull coat. Also, his feet were cracked and breaking and I wasn’t sure we would ever manage to keep shoes on him.

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Is Your Senior Getting Leaner?

Could feed/treats cause a horse’s sides to sink in? Like, right where the quarters and the stifle are sinks in. Is this normal? She’s an older horse, I didn’t know if it had to do with age or too many treats or just too much sugar? – Thanks, Savannah

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Judge My Ride Premium Evaluations – Jennifer Mosher Gordon and Piper

Jennifer Mosher Gordon and Piper—November 11, 2011 From: Judge Robert Gage This is a lovely horse, well turned out, and quite shiny! I like that the point of her haunch is the same height as her withers. Her hind end

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Digestive Health Webinar

Follow along with Dr. Lydia Gray, SmartPak’s Medical Director/Staff Veterinarian and Jessica Normand, Director of Supplement Marketing, as they discuss equine digestive systems and keeping the G.I. tract in balance. Easy-to-follow PowerPoint available now. We will also be adding the audio version as soon as it is available.

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Meet Shannon, Paige and Zeus

Zeus is a wonder boy and there is no replacing him. He won the Congress with my daughter Paige in 2008 and 2009 in 11 and under Showmanship, as well as with me in the Novice Amateur Showmanship in 2009. When he tore his suspensory and fractured his sesamoid, I did some extensive research on supplements. I found that your SmartSupplements had the highest levels in the areas he needed, plus they were the most economical!

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Does a Bale of Hay a Day Keep the Vet Away?

How much hay should one feed a Morgan/Friesian horse? He is 15.2 hands in height and weighs about 1250 pounds. I have been giving him some Remission as a preventative due to his weight being close to 1400 lbs when

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Meet Cathy, Mack & Slew

Name: Mack & Slew Gender: Geldings Breed: Trakehner & Anglo-Arab Age: 14 & 11 Discipline: Pleasure Owners: Cathy Putnam Mack has always had chronically weak feet and he was always losing shoes. We were lucky if he went four weeks

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Barn of the Month – The Southlands Foundation

The Southlands Foundation, Rhinebeck, NY Submitted by Zsa Bataille, Barn Manager 13 Horses on SmartPaks The Southlands Foundation is a unique, non-profit school of horsemanship that encompasses nearly 200 acres overlooking the Hudson River in Rhinebeck, New York. The mission

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