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Picture This: Spring Catalog Photo Shoot, Part 1 

SmartPak Creative Director Sara Florin shares a behind-the-scenes look at last week’s Spring catalog photo shoot in Wellington, FL.

Photo shoots are one of the hardest and most rewarding parts of being on the Creative team. It takes weeks of organization, hours of on-site prep work, and a whole lot of luck to get just the right shots. But with our outstanding, enthusiastic photo shoot team, we’re able to pull it off in spades and still find time to enjoy some much-needed sunshine. Plus, we love getting to spend more time with the best four-legged models in the business.

Most of the SmartPak Photo Shoot team is behind the camera, but we all find ways to ham it up when we get in front of the lens. Here are some of my favorite candid shots from the week.

Pony Heaven

The sight of ponies at J Bar Ranch turned the entire SmartPak Photo Shoot team into giggly little girls, letting out squeals of delight as we ran around patting the ponies one-by-one. The toughest part of the shoot might’ve been getting Melissa to stop hugging Roxy long enough for us to groom and braid her!

Attack of the 10” Petunia

Petunia, one of the resident basset hounds at Salamander Farm, surprises Courtney with an enthusiastic kiss.

Good Boy, Arnold!

Usually, all we need to capture the horse shots are a bag of carrots and some Bob’s Sweet Stripes. After modeling the latest in SmartPak exclusive fly sheets (coming this spring!), I give Arnold a little extra love.

All Work and No Play

Horse model Willie looks more ready for a nap than his next shot as Renee adjusts his Wellfleet Crystal Browband Padded Dressage Bridle. Thankfully he woke up just in time for us to capture a lovely image.

Kickin’ Back

Hannah, Maria, Kate and Melissa take a break to watch the pony lessons at J Bar Ranch. (Stay tuned for next week’s photo shoot blog for some close-ups of the adorable pair in the background!)

Red-y, Set, Go!

Courtney, our newest addition to the SmartPak Photo Shoot team, waits patiently with horse model Willie for his next shot. Willie is sporting the Kensington Breakaway Halter with Lead in Red Plaid.

There’s No “I” in Team

The full team gathers for an end-of-day group shot. From left: Courtney, Sara, Maria, Hannah, Melissa, Kate, Renee and, in back, Adam sporting his favorite hat. (With our Pak Pro Shop Ladies Stretch Polo Shirts, you can be part of the Pak, too!)

I Know it’s in There…

After a hard afternoon of standing square and keeping both ears forward (the horse equivalent of smiling), horse model PK nuzzles around for a hard-earned treat.

Peace Out

In preparation for some weekend showing, Renee finishes up a lesson on Arnold in the late afternoon sunshine. Even after a full week of shooting, she was still a great sport about being in front of the camera. (Get her pulled-together schooling look with the Charles Owen AYR8 helmet, TS Trophy Hunter Breeches and Tailored Sportsman Lounge Lizard Belt).

We Did It!!!

After three long days of shooting new products, I’m literally turning cartwheels! (Plus, it’s the best way to get the models to keep smiling after eight hours in front of the lens).

Next week, we’ll share more snapshots from around the show grounds and barns in Wellington, along with our Team SmartPak riders in action.

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One comment on “Picture This: Spring Catalog Photo Shoot, Part 1 
  1. Marisa Melby says:

    How does SmarkPak pick their equine models? Is there an application process? I have a horse who is looking for a modeling career 🙂


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