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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Barn of the Month – Four Winds Farm


“What can you say about a barn that is more like a home to boarders than just a place to shelter a horse? If you were to pose such a question to me, I would happily tell you all about a wonderful Hunter/Jumper barn, Four Winds Farm, in North Oxford, MA. When I arrived for a tour of Four Winds, it was evident that this was a top-notch facility, the horses were fit and happy, the barn and stalls were clean, the people were friendly to me and with one another and the amenities were plentiful!”

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Does Your Overweight Horse Need to Lose A Few Pounds?


I have acquired an overweight horse that needs to lose approximately 150 pounds. I plan to feed him mixed and grass hay with minimal to no grain. Because of this I feel he needs a vitamin/mineral supplement to make up for any deficiencies due to hay quality. Any suggestions? L.S.

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Happy Leap Day!


Happy Leap Day from SmartPak! We’re jumping for joy over this crazy fun photo shoot with the SmartPak employees you know and love. Donnie, Sara and Bjorn Carrie Amanda, Lexi and Anna Bjorn Autumn Meghan Bekky and Boone Bjorn Emily

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Meet Kristen and Spice It Up – 2012 Update


Spice used to be high strung in unfamiliar situations, acting tense and spooky at horse shows. After starting SmartCalm, Kristen noticed that Spice was much more relaxed, and showing was much more enjoyable for both of them!

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10 Guidelines for Smarter Feeding Webinar


SmartPak Equine experts share their top priorities for a healthy feeding strategy for your horse. Come take a look!

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Peek in Our Paks – Kerri V.


Ever wish you could take a sneak peek inside our horses’ and dogs’ SmartPaks? Now you can! Check out the supplements we love, for the animals we adore.

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Meet Brooke and Denali – 2012 Update


Denali had always been spooky, and Brooke tried a number of calming supplements with little success. After an injury put Denali on stall rest, Brooke knew she had to try something else. After starting SmartCalm® Ultra, Brooke noticed a huge improvement in Denali’s behavior.

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From Fat to Fit: Feeding the Overweight Dog


If my dog is overweight, how do I determine if he should be on a weight-loss food or if cutting the current food is best? SM, North Carolina

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Using Oral Joint Supplements with Injectable Joint Medications


I have a wonderful vet who just put my horse on Adequan which I am very happy about. My only question is can I now stop with oral joint supplements, this can be very costly. Thanks CS, Florida

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Judge My Ride Premium Evaluations – Laura Maynard and Rex


Laura Maynard and Panache—February 17, 2012 From: Judge Carol Dean-Porter Laura, your horse is a bit frisky but I never mind a bit of playfulness. They are not machines! He has a wonderful natural rhythm and jumps in nice form.

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Meet Fay and Sovereign – 2012 Update


In 2010, Sovereign was diagnosed with OCD and ligament damage. His prognosis was bleak and his owner feared his career was over before it began. Surgery was followed by a lengthy rehab process and support with SmartFlex III Resilience. Four months later, Sovereign was re-checked and given a clean bill of health!

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Stuff Riders Say, Episode 1


At SmartPak, we have a saying — “we get you because we are you.” We’ve got riders of every age, from every discipline, from all across the country who’ve come together with one goal — supporting healthy horses and happy riders. So when it comes to life in the barn, we know a thing or two. We hope you enjoy this silly little montage, celebrating the things we hear (and sometimes say) in the barn.

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Stuff No Rider Says


We’re back, with a twist! This time we’ve put together some things you *never* hear around the barn. We hope you like it! If you’ve got things that you never hear around your barn, we’d love if you shared them with us and our 185,000+ fans at

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Stuff Non-Riders Say – Episode 2


I got to Valinor Farm about half an hour early on the Saturday we filmed the second and third episodes of ‘Stuff Riders Say.’
Sara was finishing up a ride in one of the outside rings, so I parked and headed over. I watched closely and learned about the difference between a “general trotting around speed” and a canter. I learned what a good transition from one speed to another looks like, and that the rider can feel when it doesn’t quite happen.

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Moon Blindness—A Life Sentence?

Moon Blindness

My 10 y/o Warmblood mare was just recently diagnosed with ERU or Moon Blindness in her right eye. I was told by the vet that she would have to be on a daily dose of aspirin for the rest of her life. I am worried about ulcers, is there a specific aspirin that I should be using? How often should I have her checked for ulcers? She has never had a history of ulcers or other digestive issues (KNOCK ON WOOD). Thank you so much,
KP, Illinois

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