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Picture This: Spring Catalog Photo Shoot, Part 2

SmartPak Creative Director Sara Florin shares another behind-the-scenes look at the SmartPak Spring catalog photo shoot in Wellington, FL.

Last week, we shared some candid shots of the SmartPak Photo Shoot Team in action (if you missed the blog, check it out here). This week, you’ll get a peek at life around the barns where we take our photos. Plus, you’ll see some of our Team SmartPak riders in action in the PRO DerbyCross and the Wellington Sunshine Classic Grand Prix.

Spa Day

Horse model Arnold enjoys a bubble bath in preparation for our photo shoot. Look for him modeling the season’s newest fly sheets in our Spring catalog.

U ned halp cleanin stallz?

Fiesty little Boca offers her assistance with the morning chores/begs for treats at Black Swan Farm. Boca and her friends Daytona and Ellie kept us entertained chasing lizards (and each other) while we prepped for the horse shots.

Pretty in Pink

Five-year-old Chandler leads her pony, Glitter, back to the barn after a lesson at J Bar Ranch. (Not pictured: her helmet, which she removed so we could capture her gorgeous curls, and the six SmartPakers, squealing in delight at this adorable pair.) They competed two days later and took second in their Walk-Trot division.

You’re Getting Warmer

As a trade off for the intense 9+ hour photo shoot days, we are able to steal time to visit horse shows and capture shots of Team SmartPak Riders in action. Beneath a beautiful sunny sky in Wellington, Team SmartPak Rider Shannon Dueck warms up Ayscha at Jim Brandon Equestrian Center.

Halt, Salute

Team SmartPak Rider Shannon Dueck and Ayscha complete their Grand Prix test at the Wellington Classic Sunshine Challenge. Her salute shows off her gorgeous new Samshield helmet (now available from SmartPak).

Jumping Through

Team SmartPak Rider Boyd Martin and Vamor literally jump through hoops before finishing their DerbyCross round. PRO DerbyCross is an action-packed team competition over a course of show jumping and cross country obstacles. Visit Boyd’s blog for some behind-the-scenes info on Boyd and USEF Horse of the Year Neville Bardos.

Go Team SmartPak!

Team SmartPak Rider Jennie Brannigan and polo player Pelon Escapite share a well-deserved high five after his clear derby cross round on Safdie. Because they have very little jumping experience (or none at all!), it’s amazing to watch the polo players and their willing mounts (borrowed from the eventers on their teams) bravely tackle the course at top speed. It’s not for the faint of heart! Jennie, Pelon and Boyd competed alongside Todd Minikus and team captain Phillip Dutton. Check out a video of the entire event on the USEF Network.

Cutest. Pony. Ever.

Between shots, Sarah Sirles shares a little pony love with Welsh Pony Bluetiful (aka Flory). Sarah and Flory hit all their poses perfectly (despite every member of our team running around fawning over the ponies at J Bar Ranch).

Yep, I Won These

A haughty bay peeks over the top of his temporary stall at the WEF show grounds, showing off some of his ribbons. The show grounds proved to be an excellent spot to capture behind-the-scenes shots of horses, riders and their canine companions.

Just a Blur

A perfectly turned out pair starts a round in the hunter ring at WEF. In addition to several days of product shooting, our photographers spend hours at the show grounds capturing moments like these.

We’re back in the office, and though we’re a little chillier, we’re thankful for this remarkably mild winter (I rode outside both days this past weekend!). All that we have left of Florida is some great memories, a fading suntan and 10,000 frames to process. Keep an eye out for these photos (and more!) in our Annual Spring Catalog and in our email newsletters (if you don’t get our catalogs and emails, sign up here).

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2 comments on “Picture This: Spring Catalog Photo Shoot, Part 2
  1. Melissa says:

    Love the white/pink shirt on Sarah S…can we find it at SmartPak?

    • Sara says:

      Hi, Melissa! The adorable Equine Couture polo shirt and matching floral-trimmed breeches will be available this Spring from SmartPak.

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