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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from SmartPak!

We wanted to wish you all a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and we thought, what better way to express our Irish spirit than with a bunch of horsey limericks written by some of your favorite SmartPakers?!? Got your own limerick to share, post it on our wall and spread the Irish cheer!

I have a new pony named Tally
Eventing seems to be right up her alley
She’s bold and she’s quick
Her jump does the trick
This horse does not dilly or dally!
Jen, Store Manager

I love my boy, Cody the Quarter Horse
He loves going ‘round the jump course
His hooves used to get sore,
Thanks to SmartSox, no more!
Now his rounds are a “tour de force!”
Sarah, Marketing

I am the proud owner of two horses
Whose antics elicit occasional curses
But I love them, I do
So constant treats do they chew
And my bad mood do they always reverses
Cathlin, Finance

Off banks, over logs and through streams,
My horse and I make a good team.
His name’s Carpe Diem,
And when people do see him,
They say “What a cross-country machine!”
Sara, Creative

Supplements are truly great
They keep the body in a healthy state
With omega 3’s and glucosamine
Your horse’s coat will really gleam
Call SmartPak now, there’s no time to wait
Jessica, Marketing

There once was a dog name Sprocket,
Who zoomed around like a rocket,
But in winter he’d slow,
And his waistline would grow and grow,
PortionPaks were all that could stop it.
Bjorn, Web Marketing

Thank you for calling SmartPak
We sell supplements, dog toys and horse tack
Our service? It rocks!
We’ll knock off your socks!
Shop us once and you’ll never switch back!
Sarah, Marketing

Losing shoes is my horse’s style,
The farrier’s on my speed dial.
With no time to find it,
But a positive mindset,
I’ll pray it fell off in the aisle!
Sara, Creative

I have a great horse name Riv,
110% is what he likes to give
Since starting on SmartFlex III
He walks, trots and canters with glee!
Oh, what a life do we live!
Maria, Merchandising

There once was a horse named So Fine
Whose coat started losing its shine
The more it did fade,
He got lost in the shade!
But SmartDark & Handsome brought back his gloss in no time.
Devon, Creative

I used to order supplements in a bucket,
But my back protested every time I had to lug it
I tried SmartPaks thanks to my barn manager’s desperate pleas
These daily doses surely are the bees knees!
I’ll never go back to that bucket!
Sara, Customer Care

She was only known as The Gray Filly
From Kentucky she came, where it’s green and hilly
Facebook fans responded with glee
To name this beauty who was new to me
Graysea is perfect, though the spelling is silly!
Jessica, Marketing

There once was a horse named Jack
Who loved his daily SmartPak
With his supplements in line
In the ring he did shine
His mom said she’d never switch back!
Bekky, Marketing

Without SmartPaks, feeding’s a chore.
In fact, it’s a downright bore.
I’d rather be riding,
than in the feed room hiding.
It’s so much easier to just peel and pour!
Sara, Creative

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