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“We Get You Because We Are You” – Veronica B.

Reserve Champions at Heritage Acres in December

At SmartPak, we’re fond of saying “we get you because we are you,” but that’s more than a motto, it’s truly a way of life. Recently, we caught up with Veronica, one of our fabulous Customer Care Team members, about her recent experiences getting back into the hunter ring after a 6+ year hiatus from showing.

Q1: Tell me about your horse (name, breed, age, your history together)

A1: Be-Dazzled, or Leroy to his friends, is a 17 year old OTTB and the love of my life. I’ve owned Leroy since I was 14 years old (hence the show name, Be-Dazzled), but this is the first time we have been competing together in over 6 years.

Q2: When was your first Adult Amateur show?

A2: Just two months ago! Our first time doing the Adults was December 15th. Leroy and I are trying to qualify for Zone finals this year so we show almost every weekend. Although horse showing all the time can be a bit exhausting, it is more than worth it to see how far we’ve come and exciting to work towards such a huge goal.

Q3: What were you the most nervous about for that first show?

A3: Even though Leroy is a bigger horse, he doesn’t have a very big stride. I was extremely nervous I would have a hard time maintaining a pace in the smaller indoors.

Q4: What surprised you the most about that first show?

A4: I was shocked at how well Leroy behaved! We hadn’t been to a show in years, let alone in 20 degree weather. He was calm, cool and collected the whole day… which is more than I can say for myself.

Q5: What are your top product picks for keeping warm on a snowy show day? (For you and your pony)

A5: The Newmarket Fleece Cooler is an absolute must-have for cold, snowy days. The fleece is a bit thicker so it keeps Leroy’s muscles warm in between classes. For me, nothing is worse in the winter than cold fingers, especially when you are trying to tack up your horse quickly. The Roeckl Winter Hampshire Gloves keep my hands toasty without restricting movement.

Staying warm at Halcyon Farms this February

Q6: Do you have any show day rituals?

A6: I always wear the cross my grandmother gave me when I was a little girl. Before every horse show, I kiss it and tuck it into my show shirt. I also have to eat green gummy bears the morning of the show.

Q7: What’s your favorite show day snack? Anything you can’t live without?

A7: Hot dogs are my absolute favorite! As soon as I am done riding (Ketchup and Breeches don’t go well together), I run to the food stand and buy at least two.

Q8: What kind of treats do you keep on hand to reward Leroy when he’s a good pony?

A8: Leroy’s favorite treats are Bob’s Sweet Stripes. They are individually wrapped so I can just throw them in my coat and sneak them to him throughout the day.

Can you relate? If you’ve ever taken a break from showing, or riding altogether, or if you have show day rituals or must-have products, we want to hear it! Tell your story in the comments below or share some pictures on our Facebook page!

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3 comments on ““We Get You Because We Are You” – Veronica B.
  1. Amber Spiler says:

    I can almost relate…except that it has been 20 years since I have ridden and I decided to get an OTTB to start my new adventure. Not sure that was the best idea, but it sure did fit into my budget.
    We are going to our first clinic this weekend so I will know in a couple of days how we are going to feel around other horses!! It’s a grid clinic, should be tons of fun.
    Toby, that’s my boy, came in a little light, so I discovered SmartPak and decided to go with Cool Calories and SmartOmegas. We also through in some SmartCalm too. My boy is steadily gaining weight and looks super.
    Hopefully we will have a successful relationship!!

    • SmartPak SmartPak says:

      Hi Amber, we are thrilled to hear Toby is doing well and gaining weight with the help of Cool Calories 100 and SmartOmega 3! We look forward to hearing more about your success in the future. We hope you both had a great time at the clinic last weekend and it was tons of fun!

  2. Aiko says:

    I used to ride and show and I had to quit and now I’m riding again and I hope to start competing by the start of the summer and this is really somthing I can relate to!

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