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Barn of the Month – Evergreen Farms

Evergreen Farms – Perry, OH
Owners: Dottie and Dennis Bentley
Manager: Dottie Bentley
Mastermind of the Facility: Dennis Bentley
Trainers: Lisa Mathews of Mathews Quarter Horses and Julie O’Brien of O’Brien Quarter Horses
Primary Care Taker: Ramon Cardanzo
Submitted by: Dorothy Bentley, daughter of owners

My parents built a boarding facility in 1999, Evergreen Farms. We like to think of it as a little piece of heaven. My dad drew up the idea on the back of a placemat at a restaurant. They hired a builder who ended up falling through on the work. My dad and some of the employees of his excavating company ended up finishing the barn and adding the best touches. The small ideas and finishing touches mean more knowing that your dad and brothers had that idea and used their hard working hands to build this little piece of heaven!! My mother runs the facility boarding about 19 horses… and housing our 5 family members!! We have a wide range of horses, from show to pets, from trail to retired! We have a few rescue horses, hunter jumpers, horses that show on the quarter horse circuit, pets, retirees, trail horses, 4H friends and we are expecting a baby this month! The horses care is our number one priority. My mother, Dottie, manages the facility and the horses. She takes great pride in the facility and the care of these animals. She keeps daily records on the horses and makes sure they are happy and healthy and the owners are happy too! Her organizational skills are what makes this barn run so great and smooth. One great organization tactic she has is her feeding schedule. With each horse on a specific diet and being monitored and watched by a nutritionist, her labeled feed and feed sheets are easy to follow.

Feeding is a smooth operation because the horses who need supplements have SmartPaks! SmartPak makes feeding horses their daily supplements a breeze and a no brainer! We are very appreciative of the owners using SmartPaks and recommend them to owners who are looking for supplement options. We thank you SmartPak!

One of our boarders, Chelsie Stair from Sewickley, Pennsylvania, a Sophomore student studying at Lake Erie College, boards her horse Reginal Charm, “Stacie” at our farm. Stacie is on a joint supplement just to maintain her 5 Year old thoroughbred body. Chelsie cannot say enough good things about SmartPaks. Her family runs a barn back home with lesson and boarded horses. Chelsie says that SmartPaks are a must because they are so convenient!

My mother always encourages boarders to use SmartPaks because as a boarder, you know that your horse is getting that full dose of whatever supplement they need. When putting supplements in plastic baggies, some of the supplement itself gets stuck in the corners of the bags and the horse might not be getting the whole dose he needs. SmartPaks are convenient and mind easing for those who board. Boarders know that they have their horses’ name on the pack and what he is receiving. No fuss and no mess for the boarder!

As a barn manager, the SmartPaks make it nice and simple to store supplements and give supplements. They are easy to use…no mess or fuss on their end either!!

Cosequin is a supplement that a few horses at Evergreen receive from their daily SmartPaks. Our mare Daisy, A Star In The Sky, had some time off for a while, due to an injury I had that prevented me from riding. With her not being worked regularly and not being on any kind of supplement, she became stiff and uncomfortable. After getting her back to work and putting her on a supplement with Glucosamine and Chondroitin, she was a new horse. That summer in fact, Daisy was ranked 3rd in the nation for Hunt Seat Equitation and top ten in Showmanship and Halter. The continued supplement supply and convenience of SmartPaks has helped our horses feel better and do great things!

Our boarders use a variety of supplements in SmartPaks including: joint supplements, daily dewormers, vitamin B, hoof supplements and more. We really cannot say enough about SmartPaks!

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One comment on “Barn of the Month – Evergreen Farms
  1. Anna says:

    Hello. I recently read the article for Evergreen Farms being selected as barn of the month for Smartpak’s “Barn of the month contest.” It must be a dream come true for the girl who submitted her family’s barn for the contest to have her parents build a boarding facility! It’s nice enough that some kids get a pony from their parents…but for parents to build a full functioning boarding stable…well…that is pure fabulous!! I don’t think it gets any better than that! I just turned 40 and still dream of things like that!! (I full board w/my app…I’m back in the saddle after being away from horses for 30 some odd years. I’m learning to jump..riding side by side with 10 & 12 year old I might add! I was in a really bad car accident 14 years ago and never thought I’d ride again. My first jump was over a jump the height of a hay bale and it was a huge accomplishment! The way I cheered for myself afterwards, you’d of thought I had just won a dern grand prix!) Anyway, sorry to ramble. I’m just so thrilled for the young lady whose parents built the facility. Y’all provide a service that fulfills dreams! Never take that for granted! Your barn (I assume my comments will go to the owners of the barn) is absolutely beautiful! Y’all’s picture that was submitted is really great! What a neat shot! Also, being in Ohio I assume y’all get lovely snow! How lucky! I’ve personally only seen up to about 4-5 inches! (I live in the deep South). Well, I’ve never submitted comments about a barn of the month winner but I really felt like commenting on the fabulous barn in Ohio! It seems like a really nice, well run boarding facility from the daughter’s description. She truly is one blessed & beautiful (I’m assuming she is the girl in the picture under the article) young lady. The only advice I’d like to offer is to treat all boarders alike. Y’all are providing a wonderful service that some people wait many, many years to be able to afford. I’m sure working with the experienced riders is awesome but remember the little ole beginners, too! You never know…y’all might be fulfilling lifelong dreams for people like myself and remember…a hay bale is a jump indeed! Cheer for that person like there’s no tomorrow! What a wonderful & blessed life y’all must lead! God bless all of yall and your beautiful facility! Take care! Sincerely, Anna (Southaven, Mississippi) 🙂

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