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I Kissed a Movie Star

Melissa, VP of Merchandising with Red

I Kissed a Movie Star…and I liked it! (Does that mean I’ve had my five minutes of fame?!) Never in a million years did I ever imagine that in the course of doing my job I would get to meet and kiss a movie star, but that is exactly what happened!

Recently, a few members of the SmartPak Merchandising Team had the pleasure of traveling to Washington to meet with our friends at Kerrits. Lucky for us, their “office” extended to Kreps Ranch, an amazing 40,000 acre working cattle ranch. With a backdrop of the most breathtakingly beautiful mountains I’ve ever seen, Kerri, owner of Kerrits, introduced us to some of the ranch horses and to one very familiar looking chestnut gelding named Big Red. Big Red was one of the three horses who played Secretariat in the movie, so it is no wonder that he looked familiar. Flip and Cowboy, the ranch horses, were wearing some very serious looking working ranch horse tack. I’m not going to lie, it was a little intimidating to this Hunter/Jumper girl. Nonetheless, we mounted up, adjusted stirrups and headed out across the road into the biggest field I’ve ever ridden in. I grew up in Virginia riding in a lot of open spaces, but this was really like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I started out on Cowboy, who I think could possibly be part buffalo – really – he’s the widest horse I’ve ever sat on. After a few very fun minutes on Cowboy who showed some spunk by giving a little buck and fart when I asked him to canter (or is that “lope”?), I dismounted and handed him off to Renee for her turn with him so I could spend some quality time with Red.

Red is a 7-year-old thoroughbred who was “winterized” as Kerri described…with a full winter coat. Until that morning, he’d been enjoying some time off during the winter months. As I settled into the saddle, I imagined what it might have been like to walk down the red carpet. We can all dream right?! We walked, trotted (mostly) and cantered (some) in what I thought was a really big circle in this enormous field. Flip and Cowboy raced around us. I think Renee and Mary might have been having a ranch horse race, but I was so enamored with my movie star that I couldn’t really be concerned with what they were doing. Red was a complete gentleman and seemed to especially enjoy posing for pictures, (typical movie star, huh?). Can’t wait for our next visit to the ranch!

P.S. You’ll notice that I am decked out in some pretty amazing looking Kerrits apparel. I am wearing some of my favorites from their Fall/Winter ’12 collection. You’ll see these pieces and more in our catalogs and on our website starting in September 2012.

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8 comments on “I Kissed a Movie Star
  1. Pat Indie says:

    Very fun! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Joanie Murray says:

    Aw…Looks like you had fun! Go Big Red!

  3. joanna says:

    Omg. He is so beautiful!! I have to say, I rescued an off the track thoroughbred. No one knew anything about him. I saw his tattoo and went to jockeyclub. I found out he is a grandson to secritariat. I look at that picture and I swore it was my Charlie. When I got him the girl said they call him redman, but I don’t know why. I was so happy to bring him back to the way he should be.
    I wish I could kiss that movie star from my all time favorite movie ever!!!!

    • SmartPak SmartPak says:

      Another very cool story Joanna! Thank you for sharing your story and kudos to you for bringing Charlie back to optimal health!

  4. Deborah Houston says:

    Awesome story! Big Red looks a lot like my horse Taz, I had to do a double-take 🙂

  5. Nancy says:

    Great story! I just purchased an Off-track Thoroughbred who is a descendant of the great Native Dancer & Northern Dancer bloodline! He was previously rescued by the woman I purchased him from! He honestly doesn’t know that he is a horse, let alone, a thoroughbred! He’s more like a big puppy and I love him more than I could ever say!

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