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Barn of the Month – Sprucewood Farm

Sprucewood Farm – Colchester, VT
Owner: Julie Spaniel
Barn Manager: Diora Kania
Trainers: Lilly Joseph and Tara Valade
Submitted by: Owner, Julie Spaniel

“Sprucewood farm is a small, family owned horse farm located just north of Burlington, Vermont. It was started in 2005 and with just a few very special Morgan horses, my lifelong dream began.

My husband Adam and I moved to Vermont in 1993 with an infant son and two budding professions. After having four children and starting two businesses, we decided it was time to move out of Burlington for more space. Our daughter Emily had shown an interest in riding as a five year old. She fell in love with her first horse, a Morgan named “Breeders Cresiendo.” Emily is in high school now and continues to ride and show her Morgan’s on both the local, and A circuit. She is the current World Champion Junior Exhibitor Hunter Pleasure, 14-17 division. Emily also shows on the Hunter/Jumper circuit, in Florida in the winter and Vermont/NY in the summers.

Thanks to our dedicated staff of trainers, instructors, and caretakers, Sprucewood Farm is able to offer a high quality equine program in a private setting. We offer riding lessons, training, boarding, and summer camps.

As the owner, I do like to feed all the horses on the farm myself, but I am not always there. My full time barn manager, Diora Kania, takes over with the feedings in my absence. She is very organized and is so happy with the simplicity of the SmartPaks. Currently we have 5 horses on SmartPaks and are encouraging the other boarders to order them. We even put our dogs on Cosequin in Canine SmartPaks!

Story of our Barn:

Before it was “Sprucewood Farm” our actual barn was known as Cedar Spring Farm in its former location in Essex, Vermont. The barn was dismantled board by board, including the rare Pacific Northwest fir trusses, and loaded on to trucks and carefully removed from its location in Essex and brought to Colchester for reassembly at Sprucewood Farm. It took us 18 months to re-assemble the 80 x 120 riding arena and 20 stalls but we were able to re-use almost all the materials from the old barn that was built in the 1960’s.

The roof and cupolas are new but all the stalls and structure were reused in some way! Today, the farm has 25 horses residing and we keep all the supplements straight because of Smartpak!


Cedro is my daughter’s jumper. He is 11 yrs old and was imported last fall. He has a wonderful show record doing Jumpers in Europe but that activity takes its toll on any horse. My daughter Emily, has carefully chosen how he is supplemented. Cedro is on the SmartFlex IV Ultimate, SmartGut, Quiessence, and Farrier’s Formula. We love how the program is flexible. She is able to go online anytime and change his Pak. Cedro is maintained on a number of different supplements and he is traveling to shows every weekend with my daughter. It is time consuming, messy and wasteful to try to make baggies to meet his needs. SmartPak was the only reasonable answer for Cedro and Emily! We have added tubes of Perfect Prep to the SmartPak shipments, for the show season. I enjoy the no cost shipping. It is wonderful to add tack or other equipment to the auto-ship dates for additional no-cost shipping. Emily is a USEF member so she is receiving your additional 5% discount.

Stella (Jumper)

Emily and MEM Mr Boston

We appreciate the quality of SmartPak’s tack and equipment. When we are looking for stable equipment, horse supplies and equipment or rider wear, we look online at SmartPak first. We feel confident that the brands you provide will be of the highest quality and if there is ever a problem, you have been more than accommodating to accept our returns. Our barn is full of SmartPak items.

One funny story about SmartPak…A number of years ago, when my daughter was much younger, she and I were away together at her soccer tournament. The competition was in Needham, MA, very close to your store. We were on our way to one of the games when we passed your storefront. Emily yells, “Look Mom, it is the actual SmartPak store!!” Of course, horses come before soccer, so I pulled a quick U-turn and headed for the store. An hour later, we had gone through every department, from saddles to boots, and had the counter piled high with wonderful things. I was so impressed with the quality, in every area. After that trip, I was a loyal SmartPak customer. Emily did actually make the soccer game on time, with the trunk loaded from our shopping!!”

Visit Sprucewood Farm’s website at:

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