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Meet Nicki and Al

Name: Al
Gender: Male
Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Age: 7
Owner: Nicki Carmello-Harper

LiveSmart™ Hearty Salmon Stew
(23 reviews)

I began a search for quality dog food after the disastrous debacle of detecting melamine in several brands of dog foods sold in the US, including the brand we were feeding to our Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Millie and Al. We were also looking to find a prepackaged dog food that would allow Millie and Al’s sitter to feed them the proper amount of food without any guesswork involved. Never did I realize that a cup of food meant one thing to us and something totally different to someone else! With help from SmartPak, we found the right food for
Millie and Al – Wellness Super5Mix Just for Seniors.

Both dogs loved their food, and we had no problems switching them to the Super5Mix. The added convenience and peace of mind of having the PortionPaks was extremely handy when we left Millie and Al in the hands of our sitter. No more overweight dogs when we returned home from a trip! The other nice feature of the PortionPaks is that the food is always fresh and doesn’t have the broken pieces or crumbs that you find when you get to the bottom of a bag of dog food. I don’t know about Millie and Al but I know I hate to eat the last bowl of cereal from the box that is reduced to crushed flakes and unrecognizable crumbs!

Recently we discovered that Al’s coat was looking rather dull and he was losing a lot of hair. I contacted SmartPak, gave them the list of problems Al was having, and within 10 minutes a Product Specialist found a food that sounded like it might foot the bill. The LiveSmart Hearty Salmon Stew in properly proportioned packets was the choice. I was told I could return any unopened portions of the food if Al didn’t like it, or if it didn’t solve the problem with his coat and shedding. Al loves the taste of the salmon, and you can see REAL peas and pumpkin in this food. It looks like food a human could eat, although I refrain from licking the spoon! The other good thing about the LiveSmart Hearty Salmon Stew is that it only 82 calories per pack, so we know we’re not piling on tons of extra calories. This was a win-win situation, the biggest winner being Al as his coat seems to have a shine and gloss to it that had vanished prior to being put on the salmon.

Well, we are customers for life. Please keep up the good work and know you have made two dogs and their owners very happy.

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