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Mitchell’s Awesome Weekend

Mitchell and Rags ham it up for the camera.

We don’t know about you, but in our opinion, one of the best parts of being a rider is getting to introduce your non-rider friends and family to the horse world. Whether it’s watching your larger-than-life dad get nervous around your first horse, or seeing your younger cousin’s face light up the first time she pats a pony’s muzzle, there’s something wonderful about spreading the love.

With that in mind, we couldn’t resist sharing this adorable report written by Mitchell, the nephew of SmartPak’s own Susan T., Director of Barn Programs.

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2 comments on “Mitchell’s Awesome Weekend
  1. sandra girardin says:

    Will you take a 49 year old who as only been on a horse once in her life ???
    That’s a really special letter Mitchell wrote , maybe he could hold my hand:)


  2. julie says:

    What an amazing letter from a 10year old. Thank you for printing this Auntie Susan. We love you

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