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Keeping up with the SmartPakers: Weekend Update – July 2, 2012

During the week, you know our life is no mystery: we are here working hard to make you happier and your horse healthier. But what do we do on the weekend, you ask? The mystery is finally revealed! Read about what SmartPakers did this past weekend and see if any of our adventures sound similar to yours…

“Took advantage of the gorgeous weekend weather we had here in New England and went cross-country schooling! Got up early to beat the heat, loaded up my horse, Timex, and headed to beautiful Scarlet Hill Farm in Groton, MA. I was joined by 6 other members of ‘Team Taco’ Eventing. We all REALLY like Mexican food (and margaritas), especially during spring trips to Aiken (yay Mi Rancho!). We had a wonderful ride schooling ditches, banks, and the water complex in preparation for competing at the ENYDCTA Old Chatham Horse Trials in New York this coming weekend.” – Colby B., Marketing

“On Saturday, I came in to work with a party hat and ‘pupcakes’ for my friend (and fellow SmartPaker) Annie’s dog’s birthday. Daisy, a Jack Russell, turned eight years old. We also learned that Saturday was Team SmartPak rider Jennie Brannigan’s birthday, so we took this picture of Daisy and her party hat with a Team SmartPak sign!” – Sarah P., Marketing

“The highlight of my weekend was getting to drive my horse Sunday night! We’ve signed up for a driving trial in August that includes three phases: dressage, cones and marathon with hazards. It’s an abbreviated marathon phase—only 3 km with just three hazards or obstacles—but Newman still needs to be fit for this, especially with this heat we’re having. I warmed him up with my riding trainer as my passenger, then deposited her in one corner of the pasture with my stethoscope to monitor Newman’s heart rate after one, two and three laps at the trot. He surprised me with his fitness level so I think he’ll be in fine shape for the driving trial!” – Dr. Lydia Gray, Staff Vet

“This past Friday I had the pleasure of welcoming a new fur child into my home! Albert is a 5-month-old cattle dog mix that was rescued in TN and brought to me by the amazing helping hands of a rescue called Rescue Angels, Inc. in Braintree, MA. I took him to Stodder’s Neck Dog Park in Hingham on Saturday and his unique looks and goofy demeanor turned heads for sure. He is very outgoing and will eat anything (which makes me really happy because I love trying out new supplements and treats from SmartPak). Needless to say, I am very happy with my new little guy. As for my “princess” Husky, Dakota with “only child syndrome,” well, she’ll get used to it!” – Lauren H., Customer Care

“Last week was my first week at SmartPak! I was so excited to take everything I learned about their amazing products and supplements and teach everyone from home this weekend! About 16 riders from Green Acres Stables in Madbury, New Hampshire took the trip up to GMHA Schooling Trials in beautiful Woodstock, Vermont. Though I didn’t ride, my horse, Harpur, went up for the trip and came home with a yellow ribbon from his first event away from home! Our great friends Julie and Sweetie (Julie’s horse and Harpur’s girlfriend) also has fun at their first event! All the amazing girls from Green Acres did well, learned a lot, and had a blast. I couldn’t ask for a better weekend with great friends and great horses at a great venue!” – Jillian M., Customer Care

Harpur and his leasee Haley, ready to rock in Elementary

“This weekend I went home to CT for my cousin’s graduation party! Along the way, I stopped at Mystic Aquarium where I used to volunteer for “Seals on the Rocks,” a fundraiser for the seals that they rehabilitate! I had a great time and it was also nice to spend time with my extended family. As you can see, my dog, Bentley (left), enjoyed himself, too!” – Paige Z., Customer Care

“I met some interesting people this weekend while shopping in NYC with my sister and mother. My favorite was by far the “Can Man” who I came across while leaving Grand Central. He has made an art out of molding, cutting, and reshaping soda/beer cans that would otherwise be considered trash, into a unique souvenir. I bought one for my fiancé who, as a big Boston sports fan, would not be caught dead wearing an ‘I love NY’ T-shirt. The Can Man autographed my souvenir and was happy to pose with me. Only in New York!!” – Jill L., Human Resources

“This weekend I hung out with my brother and his family. He has two amazing boys, Owen and Cole. Owen is three years old and can be seen here with his new best friend: my mom’s plant mister.” – Bjorn M., Web Marketing

“I spent a good part of the weekend just hanging out with my mare, Maddie. The heat was a bit overwhelming so it gave me an opportunity to watch what she does with her time, which includes very exciting activities such as grazing and coming over every now and then to figure out why I’m still sitting in her field. It was some nice time spent getting to learn more about her and how she interacts with other horses, which I’m sure will be helpful as we do more together in the months to come.” – Michelle M., Customer Care

“I made a big accomplishment this weekend: I went in the ocean! Normally, this wouldn’t sound like a big deal, but as much as I love being near the ocean or on the ocean, I hate being in it because I have an irrational fear of sharks. But the water was so beautiful and clear at Scusset Beach in Sandwich this weekend that I HAD to go in—and I loved it! I found my new favorite beach! To celebrate this ridiculous landmark in my life, my friend and I went out to dinner at T-Bone’s Roadhouse in Plymouth and ate more food than I ever thought would be possible for two girls. So glad we ate AFTER getting into our bathing suits and not before! BEST WEEKEND.” – Lindsay B., Creative

“I’ve been working here at Smartpak for almost 8 years and both of my daughters have never shown any interest in anything horse related, things have changed. My 9-year-old daughter, Hailee, has been taking riding lessons since March and loves every minute of it! She has a one hour lesson every other week with Kristina S. from Creative. Kristina has been great with Hailee and is teaching her all the basics on her little Shetland “Trigger.” Hailee doesn’t have all her gear yet as you can see in the pictures but doesn’t mind at all.” – Brian M., Production

“We spent Saturday afternoon in Newport, RI. We took a stroll down Main Street, drove around looking at the Mansions, and finished the day sitting up on the hill at Fort Adams watching the Americas Cup Sailing competition (that’s where the picture of Buck is from).” – Kate T., Finance

“This weekend was mostly spent working very hard on packing our house for our move to Plymouth, but we were able to peel away on Sunday and catch up with some old friends. They have two girls, and the oldest, who’s three, has a pretty pink tricycle. Our son, who’s just 18 months, loves any ‘bike’ and had fun scooting around on her tricycle for the first time yesterday.” – Kent P., Web Marketing

“This weekend my family came up to Plymouth to visit me for the first time since my horse, Cocoa, and I moved here to start my adventure as a SmartPak employee. We went on a mini tour of the area for the day, driving around and stopping at some local restaurants. Eventually we ended up at the barn (of course). Cocoa dazzled them all by showing off her new hugging trick (yes, she knows how to give you a big hug when you ask her for one. . . or even when you don’t). After it stopped raining there was a big rainbow over the barn, a perfect end to the day.” – Kristina S., Customer Care

“Three of my girlfriends and I went to Martha’s Vineyard for a much-needed ladies weekend. We spent the weekend shopping and hanging out on South Beach. We had a fabulous time and I can’t wait to go back!” – Emily D., Accounting

“This weekend Mary, Delia and myself went out to ride at Mary’s house/barn. We had perfect weather and perfect rides!” – Elizabeth C., Customer Care

Pictured from left to right: Mary on Killian, Delia on Copper, Liz on Dakota (all from our Customer Care team!).

“This past weekend, Ellen and I had the pleasure of camping with our horses Lego and Boba Fett in Escoheag, RI. It was our first camping trip with these two horses and they were both fantastic. We met some really nice people who made the camping experience that much more enjoyable. Many thanks to Jane and Phil for their kindness and hospitality and to Shirley and Neil for taking us to the beach, Dunkin’ Donuts and to showing us the many trails that surrounded the camping grounds. I just wanted to thank them all and to say from my horse Boba Fett and I, many more happy trails and may the horse be with you!” – Gina F., Finance

“July has just begun, but I think the stars must have shifted because the ‘dog days’ are already here! My pit bull mix, True, beat the 90-degree heat with some homemade doggie ice cream. And eventing all summer long means you can’t skip conditioning just because the mercury is rising. Diem and I did hill sets on Saturday morning, putting his new Cashel Crusader Quiet Ride to the test (it worked—no more head tossing as we trotted through swarms of deer flies!). On Sunday, despite the blistering heat, he showed off his best dressage work for fellow SmartPakers Sarah and Martha who were filming clips for SmartPak’s newest video—look for it soon!” – Sara F., Creative

“Kaitlyn and I had a great time out in Oklahoma City at the 2012 NRHA Derby! We were able to watch so many talented riders and amazingly athletic reining horses all week! The weekend was particularly exciting as we watched riders compete in the Finals. We congratulated our Team SmartPak riders on their terrific rides! We also enjoyed all of the visitors to the booth including our 4-legged friends! We had some fabulous conversations about supplements and about the animals that are so loved by their owners. Plus, we handed out quite a few dog biscuits! Thank you to everyone who stopped by the SmartPak booth as you made it a great week and weekend for us at the NRHA Derby!” – Roni H., Customer Care

Tired of the trainer making all the decisions, Sebastian and Melanie Petroll's Gun Lovin visits the booth to check out a SmartPak and select which SmartPaste he needs!

Gravy is so excited to see SmartPak, he couldn’t contain his joy and has to jump on the table to work the booth with us!

What better place to watch the NRHA Derby than in the comfort of the SmartPak booth? Freshly popped popcorn anyone?

How did YOU spend your weekend? Got pictures? Share ‘em at!

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