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Keeping up with the SmartPakers: Weekend Update – July 23, 2012

During the week, you know our life is no mystery: we are here working hard to make you happier and your horse healthier. But what do we do on the weekend, you ask? The mystery is finally revealed! Read about what SmartPakers did this past weekend and see if any of our adventures sound similar to yours…

“This weekend I had a performance with my amateur drill team at a local horse show. It was our first performance with flags, and I was more than a little concerned over how the horses would handle it in a new setting. Luckily, with the exception of a few leaps and bounds along the way, it went remarkably well! We performed to a mish mosh of Neil Diamond, ‘Red Solo Cup,’ and ‘We are the Champions.’ After he successfully survived that, my horse, Sam, bravely tackled Egg and Spoon and Sit-A-Buck. Incidentally, Bradley breeches and Pepi spray are NOT a good combination for Sit-A-Buck.” – Elizabeth, Customer Care

“Graysea is my four-year-old TB mare who was started for the track but happily ended up with me. For the past year, I’ve been doing primarily ground work, building her trust and letting her finish growing in the process. Since the spring we’ve been making great process with saddling and mounting, while working through the tension and resentment she had toward being tacked up and ridden. On Saturday she was so soft, quiet and confident that we even went on a little walk around the arena, which was an amazing feeling, as you can see from the smile on my face! Taking the time to build a trusting partnership is paying off in a safe, happy relationship with my horse, and it’s the most rewarding feeling I’ve ever experienced.” – Jessica, Marketing

“I just got back to Massachusetts driving from Indiana with my new car. I stopped at my grandparents in Buffalo, NY, to stay the night. There was quite a little surprise there when I arrived! When I said ‘little,’ I meant little: here are pictures of my grandma’s new baby miniatures. There are four new babies bringing her total over 18 minis and one dwarf mini!!” – Nina, Customer Care

“My husband, Ryan, and I traveled up to Camden, ME this weekend where we stayed at a Bed & Breakfast overlooking the Penobskot Bay. We had a beautiful room with a view overlooking the water. We spent a few hours on Thursday in a rented Scoot Coupe touring the town and the views. Yes, it was a 3-wheeled, 2-seater, Vespa-like vehicle. Super fun to drive, got up to about 50 MPH (but a little shaky at the higher speeds). On Friday, we went on a kayaking tour through the bay and also drove up Mount Batty, where we got to see a beautiful view of the Bay and Maine Islands. Later in the day, we headed south to Yarmouth and Portland for the remainder of the weekend, where we met up with family and former SmartPak employees Abbie and Tizzy (the famous Shih Tzu). WE toured the Clam Festival in Yarmouth, ME, and we checked out the Freeport outlets! Overall, a fun filled 4 days in Maine.” – Carey, Web Marketing

“This weekend, Boone (SmartPak’s resident canine gentleman) went to his favorite park to run, swim, and carouse with all sorts of new doggie friends. The dog park is on a peninsula, making it perfect for off-leash games like chase-me and fetch!” – Meghan, Marketing

“This weekend I finally brushed the dust off my road bike. I got new clips for my bike last year but I’ve been having a very hard time getting one of my pedals off to replace it with the new clip. I threw in the towel this week and took the bike to a repair man and within few minutes and some special tools he was able to get the old pedal off and put the new clip on. So Saturday afternoon I practiced a few times in the park clipping in and out of my new pedals and then we went for a small ride out to Castle Island in South Boston and enjoyed a yummy cheeseburger from Sullivan’s.” – Katie, Finance

“This weekend my sister, Annika, came up from Pennsylvania. We decided to check out some other large mammals, and went on a whale watch tour off the coast of Plymouth. We saw some amazing Humpback whales, about 3-4 at a time, playing and slapping the water with their huge fins. Also spotted were smaller Minke whales and a silly lone seal who came over to check out our boat. The weather was perfect, and the whales were truly awesome to see so close up. A wonderful experience!” – Delia, Customer Care

“The humidity was at 0% this past weekend so my husband, daughter and I took full advantage of it. Saturday we spent the day on our Bayliner fishing, and we did not get home till dark. I had a feeling this would happen, so I packed the cooler with goodies and we ended up having dinner on the boat.

Saturday was a blast, but Sunday was even better. We went on a hike through the four ponds in Bourne where we caught turtles, frogs and I caught the BIGGEST fresh water Large Mouth Bass I have ever seen! Once we were done fishing and hiking, we headed to the Barnstable County Fair. I have never seen my daughter so happy. She got to ride ponies, pet sheep, play games, go on ‘not-so-scary’ rides and she had fried dough for the first time!

It was certainly a weekend I will never forget. I know we had lots of chores to do at home, but my husband said it best: ‘This weather is like fresh produce, it won’t last long so we better enjoy it while we can!’”
– Karen, Creative

“The weather was perfect this weekend for hill work, so Diem and I enjoyed some trot and gallop sets in the back field. Valinor Farm has a fabulous water complex that was extra deep after a rain storm on Thursday, so we also enjoyed a cool-off when we finished. It’s a little-known secret that all eventers love an excuse to take thousands of dollars worth of gear splashing through the water! Also, I found a treasure in my tack box when I arrived at the barn on Saturday. One of the juniors, Marissa, had left me a neat rock with my horse’s name engraved into it. That’s another thing I love about my barn—riders of all ages having a great time together with their horses.” – Sara, Creative

“I took advantage of the beautiful weather in Plymouth this weekend and broke in my new hammock—the best $30 I’ve spent all summer!” – Lindsay, Creative

“Bill (IT) and Donnie (Marketing) spent Saturday evening rocking out at a BBQ with their band, DC Rail. Surprisingly, their set didn’t contain a single song about horses—not even like a Bon Jovi ‘on a steel horse I ride’ chorus. After a couple sets the guys could be found flying off an elevated platform on a 40’ tire swing just to prove they were really ‘rock and roll.’” – Bill, IT & Donnie, Marketing

“Since my horse, Charlie, and I are restricted to riding in the driveway as he is recovering from a tendon injury (he has to be worked on hard, level ground for now), we decided to go exploring. Charlie loves to trail ride and is getting bored with the long driveway at our barn so we decided to tour the neighborhood. We are in a great area where we can safely ride on the road, which offers a scenic view of the cranberry bogs, a pond where we saw a beautiful swan, and lots of people enjoying the perfect weather in different ways. Though he hasn’t been out by himself in months, Charlie was a champ and bravely stopped to talk to people out fishing, a few in kayaks, and plenty of kids who told him he was so handsome. Perfect ‘therapy’ for both of us!” – Sara, Customer Care

Went for a paddle with our dog, Mr. Boof! – Cassie, Creative

“After being secretly engaged since May (we waited until after both of our sisters got married this summer) my fiancé and I finally got to spread the news!” – Amanda, Web Marketing

“This weekend I sat on the horse I lease that we have been rehabbing all spring/summer from some back issues. I trotted him under saddle for the first time since early April, and it was pretty exciting! He was a bit hesitant to trot and decided his new way to avoid working is to bite my foot, but it was a great feeling once we got trotting, and he was going pretty well. We just did two laps around the round pen each direction, broken up with some walk transitions. I think that is a huge step in the right direction though! Unfortunately, I could not get a picture because though I’ve become an excellent at multi-tasker since working at SmartPak, I have not quite figured out how to stand ringside and take pictures while I also sit on a horse’s back. When I figure that out, I’ll let ya’ll know!” – Jessica, Customer Care

“Last weekend, Gina and I took our horses Lego and Boba camping in Myles Standish State Forest. It was our second camping trip with these horses, and we had a great time. The weather was perfect and the horses were great. Thanks to the hosts Pat and Bob for showing us some of the trails in the area as well!”
- Ellen, Customer Care

“On Friday I went with my boyfriend, Mac, and a bunch of his friends to go see the newest Dark Knight movie, which was awesome! The next day we travelled to northern Massachusetts to go to one of our friend’s graduation parties. Upon arriving, we were very excited to find out that the grad party had turned into an engagement party! (I really wish someone had gotten a picture of our faces when we saw the ring!) Congrats Katie and Benjy! The next day we took advantage of the nice weather and played mini golf and ate ice cream. I ended my weekend with an amazing evening ride on my little mare, Cocoa.” – Kristina, Customer Care

“This weekend I headed up to the Vermont Summer Festival to show. I got to stay with friends in a great house and the view was unbelievable. My dogs also had a blast as we went for a little hike on Saturday—you can see Jackson grinning ear-to-ear as he explored the stream! Erik and I also ended the weekend on a great note as we won the Adult Hunter Classic on Saturday—what a horse!” – Annie, Marketing

“Henry and I visited the farmer’s market in downtown Plymouth, MA this weekend. We found a few great treasures, including homemade peach pie, hydrangea flowers, and, of course, the highlight of the entire trip—Homemade dog treats.” 🙂 - Tierney, Customer Care

“We spent the weekend in Maine. It was the end of a week-long vacation. Every year we meet family (about 40 of us) in York, Maine. We have been doing this since I was a kid, and now my daughter gets to experience the tradition. Long days at the beach, boat rides, amusement parks, and lobster dinners—it was a great weekend!” – Claire, Circulation

“This Saturday, my best friend, Kaity, and I went on a trail ride around her beautiful property. We enjoyed cantering around in this field, as well as hanging out by her pool after our ride!” – Jessica, Customer Care

“On Sunday, my wife and I attended the final day of competition of the 2012 Summer Spiel at the Falmouth Curling Club. It was somewhat odd to be seeing for the first time a winter Olympic sport the week before the summer Olympics start. Nevertheless, it was fun to watch matches and learn a few of the nuances of the game; and it was refreshingly cool on the ice.” – Rick, IT

“I went sailing to Martha’s Vineyard for the weekend with about 15 people to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday. The weather was beautiful, and we had a relaxing weekend of shopping, swimming, and playing frisbee on the beach. It was a great time, and I think I may have caught an addiction to sailing…” – Emily, Accounting

“I spent some leisurely time with my senior horse, Danny, and my dogs, Sam and Puu. We all went for a trail ride around the local cranberry bogs, and then Danny got a much-needed bath. Afterward, he enjoyed some grass while drying off and relaxing with the dogs.” – Molly, Merchandising

“This weekend I went to Wellfleet with my Fiancé, John, and good friend, Tracey, to visit John’s family. John’s dad just got a new boat that came up from Florida last week and was being held in Falmouth, so we picked it up on our way down Saturday morning. It was stressful trailering the massive boat and putting it in the water, but once the work was done, we had a blast enjoying the awesome weather, warm water and good company. Per my request, we stayed on the bay side clear of any sharks. :)” – Autumn, Merchandising

“The kids enjoyed riding the nation’s oldest carousel (Flying Horses in Oaks Bluff). My son grabbed the brass ring to win a free ride. Stumbled on a great pizza place in Vineyard Haven called Porto Pizza. Yum… meatball and pepper pizza was awesome. Lots of ice cream had by all!” – Dan, IT

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