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Keeping up with the SmartPakers: Weekend Update – August 13, 2012

During the week, you know our life is no mystery: we are here working hard to make you happier and your horse healthier. But what do we do on the weekend, you ask? The mystery is finally revealed! Read about what SmartPakers did this past weekend and see if any of our adventures sound similar to yours…

“This weekend my husband and I ran in the 40th Falmouth Road Race- a 7-mile on Cape Cod. This was our third time running it, and the second time his parents came up from Connecticut to see us run and visit with my parents. Despite the rainy weather we made the most of our weekend and did fun tourist activities like playing mini-golf and eating lots of seafood.” – Cathleen, Web Marketing

“This weekend Kaitlyn and I went up to GMHA in Vermont to support Sara Florin at her event! It was Kaitlyn’s first event ever and my first one in at least 8 years. We hung out with the crew from Valinor Farm Friday night. We woke up early Saturday morning and I braided for Sara’s Dressage and Show Jumping phase. Sara had a super day with a great score in dressage and no jumping faults! After that, we went down to the Vermont Summer Festival to catch some of the Hunter classes. Sunday we were back at GMHA for the cross country phase. We walked our first cross country course with Erin, Sara’s trainer. Those jumps are intimidating!! We finished off the weekend with a trail ride down in Miles Standish Forrest by Highland Brook Stables. Killer weekend!” – Courtney, Customer Care

“This weekend was canning adventure part 2! After spending time with some old friends in Providence, RI, we went to the local farmers market and brought home several pounds of pickling cucumbers. Four quarts of pickles are now on the shelf. I’m not sure I can wait the full 10 days to try them!” – Claire, IT

“The wind was up all weekend for 1 or 2 potentially good kiteboarding sessions. I finally was able to hit the water and practice some tricks in the air. The place was First Encounter, a great beach that always delivers ample wind when you need it! And oh boy did it deliver! The wind speed was a bit of a roller coaster going up to 30 mph and back down just as quickly to 10 mph! My friend and I were having a great time carving the waves and catching some air. Kiting all day was great up until the point when I stepped onto this nice couple’s sail boat. On the beach we met this nice couple who had just pulled in on their catamaran. They offered to give us a ride around the water. Sounds great right? Wrong! We took off from the beach cruising around 20 knots with waves crashing against the front of the boat. Then we heard this rip and crackle coming from the belly of the boat. A mile out to sea and the sail boat essentially collapses inward. Long story short, we bailed and had to tread water for an hour back to land, waving goodbye to the poor sailboat as it drifted off to the sunset. Who would have thought my emergency that day would have been from sailing and not kiteboarding?! What a day!! – Elvis, IT

“On Sunday, my trusty dressage/trail/lesson horse, Sam, and I went to the local 4H horse show. Despite pouring rain in the morning and tropical heat in the afternoon, it was a fun day with my horse and all the kids. We won first in trail and egg & spoon, and my student got two fourths and a second! Sam’s trailer buddy, a jet black mini named Ambassador, got champion for the day in his division!” – Elizabeth, Customer Care

“I traveled to Ithaca, NY for an equine inspired wedding. My good friend and college polo teammate Kristin married her longtime love Matt. The ceremony took place on their gorgeous farm and they were mounted throughout the ceremony on Kristin’s trusty polo ponies. My friend Mara and I were on groom duty and got to ride them earlier in the day around the chairs and tents, and tacked them up for the ceremony. You know you’re true horse girls when you don’t mind brushing the dirt off your dress! A polo match kept guests entertained during cocktail hour, and a delicious BBQ dinner followed, grilled by to perfection by friends and family of the bride and groom. Congrats to Kristin and Matt, it was a memorable day for all!” – Molly, Merchandising

“I was actually on vacation last week, so it was an excellent extended weekend for me! A friend and I took my dog, Morgan, camping in New Hampshire. We hiked Franconia Notch, which took 7 hours, but the views from the peak were beautiful. By some miracle I still had the energy to ride my horse the next day! I also went to a shooting range and learned how to safely shoot a gun, which was pretty exciting. Overall it was a great week off!” – Emily, Accounting

“This weekend my mom visited on Saturday and we had a fun day walking on the beach visiting my horse Bug and shopping. Later that evening Sarah G. came home with an adorable new rescued Puggle! Sunday morning I went on an awesome trail ride at Myles Standish State Forest (bareback because it was raining and I did not want to get my saddle wet!) and walked out of the trail to the parking lot and found Jackie M. walking her dog! Later on we had a great afternoon with Sarah G’s new puppy and Jackie’s dog Rue, playing on the beach!”
– Marisa, Customer Care

“This weekend I competed in the Boston Triathlon in South Boston, MA. This was my 3rd triathlon. The race started with a ½ mile swim from Carson’s Beach in South Boston, a 9 mile bike ride and a 4 mile run. It was a lot of fun and I finished 18th for my age group!” – Keith, IT

“My weekend, in four letters: GMHA! My horse, Diem, and I spent an amazing three-day weekend at the Festival of Eventing in South Woodstock, VT. It was far and away the most solid we’ve ever shown at all three phases. Everything about the weekend was spectacular, from the gorgeous Vermont scenery to fellow SmartPakers Courtney and Kaitlyn who made sure I was immaculately turned out for every stage of the game.”
– Sara, Creative

“I attended the Fidelity Jumper Classic in Hampton Falls, NH. The five-day show, for which SmartPak is a sponsor, brought in 400-plus horses for three rings of competition, and concluded on Sunday, August 12 with the $15,000 Speed Stake and the $75,000 Fidelity Investments Grand Prix. I was able to watch 2 of SmartPak’s sponsored riders compete, Peter Leone and Christine McCrea, throughout the weekend. There were many SmartPak customers competing as well. Jeff Papows and his horse Eurostar finished 8th in the Masters event on Saturday! Leslie Burr Howard of Redgate Farm that I visited a couple weeks ago – (Read more on Susan’s Adventures at Redgate Farm) competed in the Speed Stake on her horse Lennox Lewis 2. I saw Leslie flatting Lenox at her farm a couple weekends ago, then watched them race around the Speed Stake yesterday for first place – so exciting! I used to compete at the Fidelity Jumper Classic horse show, and it will continue to be one of my favorites every year.” – Susan, Sales

“This weekend I attended the Our Lady of the Mountain feast in Woburn. Friday night we got rained out so I didn’t get to help out much since the crowd was small. Saturday night the rain held up and the crowd was in full force. I got to see a lot of family and even had some friends drop by. Everyone enjoyed some great food like Madeira tips on the spit and Malasadas (Portuguese fried dough). That night we were all Portuguese. ” – Juan, IT

“This weekend I celebrated the first birthday of my bearded dragon, Truman! We also found out that Truman is not a boy, but a girl, thanks to our other beardie, Bruce. Needless to say we’ll be having a few more baby beardies around the house soon!” – Michelle, Customer Care

“I’ve been super busy lately so this weekend was all about spending some quality doggy time with Rue. On Saturday we went to her favorite dog park in Weymouth. It’s surround by water so she had a wonderful time splashing and playing off-leash. On Sunday, we went hiking in our local state forest and ran into Marisa C. taking her horse Bug on a long morning trail ride! That afternoon, Rue and I went to Marisa and Sarah’s house to meet Sarah’s new Puggle! Overall, it was a great weekend of doggy fun and I left one thoroughly exhausted pup at home this morning!” – Jacqueline, Customer Care

“This weekend, my new husband (of just about 1 month) and I packed up our dog (Rose) and cat (Grady), along with the stuff we accumulated over a few months, and made the two day drive from Upstate New York to our home in south Florida. Even being the expert packers that we are, it took 30 minutes to fit everything in the car, and find room for everyone. Needless to say, we were all a bit cramped, and it was a long 2 days. Fortunately, most of the ride went smoothly, and we were even greeted with a traditional afternoon thunderstorm while we sat in traffic on the Florida Turnpike. I think I can speak for everyone when I say, we’re happy to be home! We also learned something on this trip, and have a new rule for next time: Only one bag per person, and pack accordingly!” – Jennifer, Customer Care

“After some serious anticipation on when this little guy would grace us with his presence he was born yesterday morning and is beyond adorable! I figured a good way to start off the week with a picture of this precious little guy!” – Lindsey, Customer Care

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