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Keeping up with the SmartPakers: Weekend Update – August 20, 2012

During the week, you know our life is no mystery: we are here working hard to make you happier and your horse healthier. But what do we do on the weekend, you ask? The mystery is finally revealed! Read about what SmartPakers did this past weekend and see if any of our adventures sound similar to yours…

“This weekend I had the opportunity to witness my “little” sister’s boyfriend propose at her 26th birthday party!! Jess is one of the newest members of the SmartPak Customer Care Team and my best friend. I couldn’t be more excited for all of the exciting changes in her life. I included a picture of me with the “Bride-to-Be” after we stopped crying from excitement!” – Sara, Customer Care

“My husband and I went up to the Saratoga Race Track or “The Spa” as it is affectionately referred because of the history of the mineral baths in Saratoga Springs. We had a great time! The weather was beautiful. My husband picked horses based on their racing statistics and I narrowed down the field choosing ones with a “cute face”.” – Renee, Merchandising

“This weekend I went house hunting with Matt. It’s definitely been an interesting experience, from finding working toilets hidden in upstairs bedrooms, to feeling like we were on a popular A&E TV show. We wrapped up Saturday with a birthday party for a 3 year old who didn’t thank anyone when she opened her presents, but yelled out “I love you!” after every one. That = adorable. Sunday we went hiking in the Blue Hills with fellow SmartPaker Kassidy and her fiancé Kelley. We conquered two popular hikes there and then went to Bugaboo Creek for a farewell lunch as Kassidy and Kelley are moving to the west coast.” – Michelle, Customer Care

“This weekend was what I like to call a “do it all” weekend. After two weeks at the Olympics in London, I intended to just chill-out a bit and get some things done around the house, but that’s not quite how things turned out. Being new boat owners, we’re trying to get out on the sailboat every chance we get. The Saturday weather forecast said “no”, but we said “yes” and drove down to the marina and took the launch out to the boat. After enjoying a very pleasant lunch (and a few cocktails) under the bimini in a torrential downpour, we finally admitted defeat when the thunder and lightning started…there would be no sailing that day. So, home we went to grab a quick power nap before heading out with friends to see what might be the worst band I’ve ever heard. Despite the awful audio, I had a great time catching up with friends who I haven’t seen in weeks. On Sunday, my husband and I split in opposite direction. He broke for the golf course and I headed to the barn to spend time with my good buddy Timex and audit a clinic with Niall Quirke, an amazing Irish dressage trainer who visits us a few times a year. I was super-disappointed not to get to ride with him, but I’ve been rehabbing a sore back on Mr. Timex due to a saddle fit issue and didn’t want to push it. Felt great getting back in the saddle after 3 weeks off, even if it was only for 15 minutes, and I enjoyed re-integrating with barn culture after being away for so long. Drove back home (back to the ocean from the country) and got an awesome invite to go for an evening cruise and cookout on Duxbury Bay. We spent an amazing evening anchored out in the harbor swimming, eating and relaxing and didn’t head back until after dark.” – Colby, Marketing

“I grew up in a big family, and as a kid we used to do many summer beach trips with my 4 siblings and 2 cousins. Now, seeing most of us have finished school, it’s a lot harder to coordinate a big family trip. We were able to do a day trip to Hampton Beach on Sunday, and had a blast hanging out at the beach, walking the jetty, and eating lobster at Markey’s. :)” – Ellen, Customer Care

“Fellow SmartPaker, Bekky, and I spent Sunday at the Marshfield Fair, eating fried food, petting the livestock, and screaming on the Sea Dragon! We go every year and this year caught a demo on shoeing the Clydesdales, a 4-H dog breed presentation, and saw some exotic animals like the kangaroo and squirrel monkeys. We drove home full, exhausted, and happy, with visions of teacup pigs dancing in our heads.” – Meghan, Marketing

“I’m not much of a cook but I was suddenly possessed by the desire to make breakfast on Sunday morning. I think my poor husband was a little bit terrified at first, but once I popped these puppies out of the oven he was thoroughly impressed. For someone who is scared of any kind of cooking, I was pretty proud of myself. Those are egg cups and are made by putting a piece of ham in a muffin tin, followed by an egg. You bake them for a bit and then put fun toppings on top! After that we went to the PawSox game with some of my friends from high school. Who doesn’t enjoy an afternoon at the ballpark?” – Amanda, Store

“Saturday I rode three horses in the rain. My saddle was a little upset with me, but it was worth it! I spent the rest of the weekend catching up on things around the house and relaxing with our puppy Brewski.”
– Katlyn, Web Marketing

“Had a great weekend with friends from CT – even in the rain at the Grand Prix at Fieldstone!”
– Heather, Merchandising

“My weekend started at the Green Acres Stables Schooling Horse Trials on Saturday. My eventing dog, Fairen, jump judged fence number 7 for the Novice division (with my help). She did a great job! Her favorite part was using the walkie-talkie. 🙂 On Sunday I spent some time hanging around the house with my head-less cat, Olive! Just kidding, Olive is a gymnast and loves to contort herself into strange poses that make her look headless!”
– Jillian, Customer Care

“Since my daughter loves to chase my mother-in-law’s cat around the house, my wife thought it would be a good idea to take her to the Southwick Zoo this weekend. Being a native Pennsylvanian, I had never been there or heard much about it, but as it turns out, we had a great time! I will say, though, that unless the animals were big and active, Hazel really didn’t notice or care much about them. She did love the Bearded Pigs (yes, they are a thing) that chased each other as they ran in circles in their pen, the Sika Deer that she fed with the help of my wife, the giraffes, elk, camels, and rhinos. Anyway, she loved the animals that caught her attention, but we can’t wait to go back when she’s older so that she can see ALL the animals, and to show her the famous ‘red bat’ that the zoo is somewhat, sorta-kinda famous for.” – Nels, Marketing/Videographer

“This past weekend my husband and I took our dog, Honor, out to Western Massachusetts for a weekend camping trip! We had a blast but judging by this picture, I think it’s about time we considered upgrading to a larger vehicle.” – Carrie, Creative

“This weekend I was down in Philadelphia to participate in a Livestrong bike ride with family. The Livestrong foundation raises money in support of all people affected by cancer, and this year they raised somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 million dollars. The bike ride itself was great – I rode the 20 mile course while my boyfriend and his brother tackled the 45 mile along with Lance Armstrong! It was an awesome weekend participating in a great event and getting to hang out with family that we don’t often see.” – Cassie, Customer Care

“In preparation for this week’s NEHJ Hunter Derby Finals, I showed my horse Erik this weekend in the Derby at Fieldstone. We were 3rd out of 37 – He was unbelievable and felt the best he has all summer! I was thrilled and feel we are now as prepared as possible for this Friday!” – Annie, Marketing

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