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Keeping up with the SmartPakers: Weekend Update – August 27, 2012

During the week, you know our life is no mystery: we are here working hard to make you happier and your horse healthier. But what do we do on the weekend, you ask? The mystery is finally revealed! Read about what SmartPakers did this past weekend and see if any of our adventures sound similar to yours…

“This weekend we spent Saturday night at a Polo match in Newport, RI with SmartPakers Cathlin, Lucy and Paige. We had a great time cooking out and ended the evening with SMORES and bocci ball on the polo field. We then spent Sunday on the beach where my dog Buck learned how to swim.” – Katie, Finance

“It’s been a very busy summer so Saturday we decided it was time to take advantage of our downtime and go on an adventure! We packed up our boat and headed out to a little island in Cotuit Bay called Sampsons. Fortunately, the day trippers were packing up their stuff for the day so we had a lot of the island to ourselves. The dogs were loving the warm weather and calm waters. We decided to take a walk around the island, gathering a bunch of shells to add to the household collection. 🙂 You can never have enough sea shells! Since the weather was so nice, we decided to stay out there, eat dinner and enjoy the music playing across the bay from a local wedding. Can’t beat 80’s rock music! It was the perfect touch to a great weekend.” – Cara, Merchandising

“This weekend I took a quick trip down to NYC to meet up with my cousin for the Brooklyn Color Run! As you can see by the before and after’s we got very colorful and had a blast!!” – Emily, Marketing

“This Saturday I woke up to a surprise of thirty bearded dragon eggs in Tru’s tank. After Matt and I had concluded Friday night that Tru probably was not pregnant, she proved us wrong and laid all those eggs bright and early Saturday morning. It was a really neat experience to collect the eggs and get them ready to incubate. They’ll have to be incubated for 60-80 days in a special mixture of perlite, vermiculite and water. We’ll hope for some hatching around that time, so keep your fingers crossed!” – Michelle, Customer Care

“This weekend my sister was visiting from grad school, and we decided to go and visit my horse, Newt. My sister doesn’t have a lot of experience with horses, but she has a great way with animals and really enjoys being around them. After I did a couple of things with Newt myself, she decided she wanted to give it a shot too! I was able to show her some of the fun things Newt can do on the ground, which I think was less intimidating for her, and she seemed to have an absolute blast! I was able to snap a couple pictures of the two of them playing and then enjoying some undemanding time at the end. :)” – Casey, Customer Care

“This weekend was awesome! Everyone keeps talking about being excited for fall to arrive. While I love fall, I’m still making the most of the awesome south shore summer weather 🙂 I was pet-sitting for fellow SmartPaker, Colby, so I got to play with Spaulding, the adorable golden retriever, all weekend! We had lots of fun walking downtown and going for a hike in the woods. On Sunday, I went down to the Valinor Farms Horse Trials to groom for (and cheer on) another fellow SmartPaker, Sara, and her horse Carpe Diem. They finished their day on a best-ever dressage score, earning third place – I was so proud!!” – Sarah, Marketing

“My wife and I spent a beautiful hot and sunny Sunday at the Feast of St. Anthony in the North End of Boston. Too much food to possibly enjoy it all!” – Jon, IT

“I went kayaking to visit the HMS Bounty while the Bounty was visiting Plymouth harbor.”
– Katie G, Customer Care

“I went to the historic Marshfield Fair this weekend with my godson. He was more into the giant stuffed Scooby Doo than the farm animals, but we had fun!” – Elizabeth, Customer Care

“This weekend my dog Layla (the Chawinnie) had the best weekend ever!! Layla’s best friend Hampton (the Dauchund) came up from NY to visit. They went for walks, naps on the couch and even went to eat in down city Providence.” – Rachel, Store Merchandiser

“This weekend was a blast! I showed my horse at Fieldstone and he was great so it was a nice ending to our summer. SmartPak was also a sponsor of the Grand Prix and Canine Puissance. My dog Jackson LOVES this class but I couldn’t compete since I was a judge! At the last minute we found a catch rider and Jackson wound up 2nd overall in the Large Dog Puissance. Here is picture of him and his new friend Stephen.”
– Annie, Marketing

“This Saturday was the SmartPak Canine Puissance at Fieldstone Farm and we had a great time! I loved seeing the crowd participate and cheer on the jumpers, and the dogs loved being the center of attention! Thanks to all who made it a great evening, and a special thanks to fellow SmartPakers Annie and Bekky for running the in gate and being the jump crew! After all the excitement Saturday, we had a nice relaxing day in the warm sun at the beach on Sunday, squeezing the last bit of summer out of New England!” – Meghan, Canine Marketing

“After this weekend I officially love sailing. Riding still has a significant edge, but we spent the most wonderful weekend on our boat, Kiwi. We sailed from our home port Marion, MA to Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed a gorgeous evening on the mooring in Edgartown Harbor before heading into town for dinner and late-night dancing at The Atlantic. We forgot the mooring number, but thankfully made it back to our boat safely that evening (the launch driver was very tolerant). Sunday, we caught the first ride to shore and did some shopping after enjoying a low-key (but very yummy) breakfast in town. The wind didn’t cooperate on the way home, but nobody was complaining as we had plenty of cold beer, good music, and great company to go with the perfect weather. Got Kiwi tucked-in on the mooring as night fell (we cut it a little close) and headed-home. Definitely one of those weekends that ended too soon!” – Colby, Marketing

“More than a weekend, this is how I sent my summer vacation. Montana guest ranch G bar M was super!”
– Ellen, Production

“In March of this past year I became an active volunteer for my local Ronald McDonald House Charity, which works to support families of children that typically have an extended stay in the local hospital. The house provides a home away from home for the families and a support system. My husband and I had an opportunity to attend the house’s largest fundraiser of the year on Saturday night, McDazzle. It was an evening full of, inspiring stories, celebration and fundraising. It was a rare opportunity to get dressed up for a night out together to support a great organization. We had a blast! (Photo credits: The rest of our weekend was spent doing yard work and tending to our garden. I never thought of myself of a person with a green thumb, but my sunflowers, along with the rest of my garden have proven me wrong!” – Ashley, Customer Care

“Saturday I spent the day practicing for some upcoming events- my mare and I have a dressage competition next weekend and I am running a half-marathon on September 30th. Sunday morning I went to visit my semi-retired horse Riker; he’s 19 and I’ve had him since he was 3 years old! After lots of brushing and carrots I made him stand for his obligatory pictures – as you can see he looks great for his age. Sunday afternoon I took my dog Chloe for a fun walk in the woods. She loves hiking and especially climbing up on rocks. It was a beautiful weekend of weather in New England so I’m glad I got to enjoy it with all of my animals!”
– Kerri, Marketing

“The weather was perfect this weekend! Saturday morning, we took Brewski for a boat ride and went quahogging. Later in the day, we went fishing. I caught one of the ugliest fish ever, a fluke. Sunday we made stuffed quahogs, and spent a few hours at the beach!” – Katlyn, Web Marketing

“My husband and I, along with Stella celebrated our final summer weekend on Nantucket. We went to the beach, barbequed and ate ice cream; some of my favorite summer activities!” – Renee, Merchandising

“This weekend was pretty busy! My boyfriend and I kicked our weekend off by learning how to play the card game Munchkin. We saw it in a store and were intrigued by the description that says “Don the Horny Helmet and the Boots of Butt-Kicking. Wield the Staff of Napalm or maybe the Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment. Start by slaughtering the Potted Plant and the Drooling Slime.” How could that not be fun? After a few silly games, we’re both hooked. We spent Saturday walking around the Plymouth Waterfront Festival, eating free samples of baked goods from several food trucks, getting a free chair massage from my favorite masseuse, and looking at all sorts of handmade jewelry and other crafts. We had lunch at Anna’s Harborside Grille, a new restaurant in Plymouth that is absolutely amazing, and I had a cupcake from the Kickass Cupcake truck. Sunday we got up and packed an aquatic themed picnic lunch (spicy tuna salad on goldfish shaped bread with goldfish crackers) and went to Natick to go kayak on Lake Cochituate. We were out for about 2 hours, and are a little sore today since we have not kayaked all summer! To keep our joints and muscles from freezing up, we walked around the Natick Mall for a bit before stopping quickly at the SmartPak Retail Store to browse before our hour drive back home. It was a lot of fun, even if it hurts to move my arms!” – Jessica, Customer Care

“This weekend was all about the Massachusetts Hunter Jumper Finals. Saturday was a day full of cleaning, shaving, packing, scrubbing, bathing, more packing, organizing, hooking up truck/trailer…the list goes on and on. Sunday was a beautiful day for a horse show with blue skies and great temperatures. My horse Dia jumped around the open class well, and then got a little strong in our finals class. We ended up in 7th. (I know the ribbon in the picture looks blue, but it’s really purple). Overall I was very happy with the day as a learning experience and can’t wait for the RI Finals next weekend!” – Jessica, IT

“Summer of horse shows is still going full force for me and Diem! We competed on our home turf at Valinor Farm and nailed all three phases. We finished on our best-ever dressage score of 33.5, adding a third place ribbon to the growing collection on Diem’s stall.” – Sara, Creative

“This weekend I went to Wellfleet to visit my future father-in-law. We went out on his boat Saturday and after a unsuccessful fishing trip we came home to take the dogs for a run on the beach. My dogs Harley and Bella and Vinny’s golden Butchy would race up and down the beach, darting in and out of the water. Butchy is a native to Wellfleet and was not afraid to charge in the water after the seals popping their head up to watch the dogs; thank goodness Harley and Bella are not that brave. There is something about the open space of a flat sandy beach that makes me and my dogs so happy. No shark sightings, thank goodness!” – Autumn, Merchandising

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  1. debbie prest says:

    Loved the pictures and reading about your w/e’s. It looked like everyone had a blast. Thanks for sharing!

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