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Keeping up with the SmartPakers: Weekend Update – August 6, 2012

During the week, you know our life is no mystery: we are here working hard to make you happier and your horse healthier. But what do we do on the weekend, you ask? The mystery is finally revealed! Read about what SmartPakers did this past weekend and see if any of our adventures sound similar to yours…

“This weekend I snuck in some quick easy rides on Maddie. (You can see in the photo how much she was enjoying the oppressive heat this weekend.) I also cheered on Matt’s team for a Gladiator win against Quincy on Saturday (go team!) and practiced some “Olympic diving” in my pool on Sunday.” – Michelle, Customer Care

“Saturday was spent shopping in Cambridge and kayaking on the Charles! There were big storm clouds threatening to end our time on the water early, but we lucked out and only had a little rain! Sunday was spent weeding in our vegetable garden, and trying canning for the first time. I now have enough tomatoes and blueberry butter to last a very long time!” – Claire, IT

“This weekend I rode my motorcycle up to New Hampshire and Maine with a few friends.
Here are the lessons we learned:
• That weird thumping noise (creeping closer) means it’s probably time to leave
• Camp sites are hard to find at 9:30 pm
• Covering 483 miles in under 24 hours will make you very tired and sore” – Bjorn, Marketing

“My weekend started out on Thursday night at the Lyle Lovett concert at the Cape Cod Melody Tent in Hyannis, MA. I was introduced to Lyle several years ago by his reining trainer and Team SmartPak rider Tim McQuay. My mom is a lifelong Lyle fan, so she was more than thrilled when we got her tickets for Mother’s Day and even got to go spend some time with Lyle after the show. Lyle sure knows how to put on a great concert!”
– Lissa, Western Marketing

“This weekend started off with a lovely BBQ with friends, where we tried our best to stay cool in the 90+ temps! Sunday, after viewing some prospective new apartments, my boyfriend and I took the kayaks out in Hull, MA, where we got some great views and even did a little rock jumping while resting our arms.”
– Meghan, Canine Marketing

“I was at trade show last weekend, but before the trade show I went on a family vacation to Ocean City, MD! Of course we had to visit the Assateauge Island wild ponies! As you can see, this pony really loved our car (before getting shooed away by a ranger)! My brother and I also went parasailing for the first time—it was amazing!!”
– Paige, Customer Care

“If the last three days had a title it would be “I Survived!”. Friday I took the day out of work, as I was a bridesmaid in my best friend, Megan’s, wedding. It was a glorious, all-day affair starting at 10:00 a.m. (it takes a while to get 6 girls beautified) and ending close to midnight (as we danced the night away). The ceremony was beautiful, the facilities were spectacular and Megan looked radiant. Saturday I was up bright and early to drive to RI and do my last Learner Judging before applying for my New England Hunter/Jumper Judges Card. I sat with Ms. Elizabeth Vars at the Dapper Dan Horse Show and it was a very entertaining and fun day. Of course, I learned a ton and I’m looking forward to trying my hand a judging on my own. Getting home about 7:00 p.m., I then had to prep my horse, Kandida, for a horse show on Sunday. With Finals right around the corner, we need to get rid of some rust and get going on showing again. Sunday’s show was small and I was the only Adult. Regardless, Dia gave me her all (as always) and we put in two great hunter trips. We were home early (yay!) and I ended the day with a short trail ride on a green large pony, Bella, that I own, who is in training.” – Jessica, IT

“I started this book on how to cook BBQ using a smoker and every week there’s a new meal to cook. This was the first week and I made Chicken Mojo Criollo.” – Matt, IT

“Lizzie and I are having a great time at the AQHYA World Show in Oklahoma City. We have had the chance to meet so many of our awesome customers and watch a bunch of the Youth Classes this weekend including the Trail, Hunter Hack, Working Hunter, and Performance Halter. We also had a cool opportunity to see a riding demonstration given by Team SmartPak rider Charlie Cole. During the demonstration, he rode through and explained the Western Riding Pattern that the Youth Riders would be maneuvering the next day in competition! Here is a picture of Charlie during the demonstration, and of me with Carlie and her sister Hanna (from Texas). Carlie was 5th in one of the halter classes and was excited to come by the booth to redeem her SmartPak gift certificate! Congrats Carlie!” – Kaitlyn, Customer Care

“Thursday and Friday served as my weekend last week as I headed up to HITS Saugerties to visit with some of our riders. It was a great time and a nice chance to catch up with them and their horses behind the scenes. The highlight was definitely Laura Chapot and Quointreau Un Prince winning the $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix! What better than to present the blue ribbon to one of our own sponsored riders?” – Annie, Marketing

“A year ago this week I bought my first home, and with the help of my family, I’ve been updating and renovating non-stop. I spent this past weekend finishing demolition of the sunroom ceiling in the 85-year-old house. I never knew how satisfying it could be to take a chisel and hammer to an old (cement!) ceiling! The not-so-fun part: bagging the rubble! It took 21 bags to clear out the mess, but now my amazing Dad can come in and replace the roof and ceiling so that I can enjoy the summer Cape breeze and a good book!” – Sara, Customer Care

“This past weekend, my wife and I took our 8-month-old daughter, Hazel, blueberry picking for the first time (it was my first time, too) at CN Smith Farm near our house in East Bridgewater. We went early to try to beat the heat (we failed), and Hazel didn’t even really care that she just hanging around in the Bjorn while I (successfully) kept her from grabbing the leaves and berries and putting them in her mouth. Despite the heat (and us being too late in blueberry season to come home with much of a haul after an hour), we still had a great time, but Hazel was definitely ready for her nap when we left!” – Nels, Videographer

“This weekend my college friend Kristin and her husband came up to visit from King of Prussia, PA. She’s 5 months pregnant and I haven’t seen her since she first found out, so it was exciting to see her baby bump. We went to visit our friend working at a waterfront restaurant in Onset, MA, which is located right near Cape Cod. I forgot that the Pan Mass Challenge bike race was also this weekend and that it passes directly through Onset, so we ended up having a front-row seat while we ate our lunch. It was fun to see all the spectators and the participants who were doing such great work raising money for cancer research. After lunch we grabbed ice cream cones and walked along Onset Beach. It was great to see my friend and enjoy the nice weather!”
– Cathleen, Web Marketing

“This weekend was bittersweet as I’m getting ready to head back to school and will be leaving the many wonderful people who have welcomed me at SmartPak. I worked Saturday and then spent a beautiful New England Sunday with Michelle on the Customer Care Team at her barn. I sat and watched Michelle ride and snapped this serene picture while sitting in the shade. Nothing like going to the barn to obtain some Zen before a hectic move.” – Kassidy, Customer Care

“On Saturday, my husband and I went to Hyannis and went to the Brazilian Grill for dinner with friends. After dinner, we went mini golfing and for the first time ever. I didn’t win, but I also wasn’t in last place. On Sunday, my sister and I took my 1-year-old niece, Madison, to Peaceful Meadows for ice cream and to see the cows. Madison enjoyed both her ice cream and the cows and kept saying “moo” the whole way home.”
– Katrina, Customer Care

“Saturday morning I was able to work at the barn while our barn manager was away. Because of the heat no one else was around and it was so peaceful to just be around the horses and spend some quiet quality time with my horse Palermo while he munched on grass out in the field. I could sit and watch him for hours just doing what he loves most—eating. When it was time for a photo-op, he thought my phone was food and was more interested in trying to eat it than posing for a picture. I seriously love my goofy horse.” – Autumn, Merchandising

“I went to my family’s cabin in Vermont this weekend with my best friend from high school. The cabin has no electricity or running water so it requires a little bit of a sense of adventure. We hiked, swam, ate blackberries and spent hours catching up on the last ten years!” – Elizabeth, Customer Care

“I had a lot of fun this weekend in Rhode Island with my mom, aunt, uncle and my boyfriend, Mike. We spent Saturday at my aunt’s house in Green Hills Beach. On Sunday, Mike and I went to the Charlestown Seafood Festival where we had great food and I got a cool metal soda cup souvenir! On the way home we stopped in Point Judith where we got a swordfish steak to take back home and grill for dinner! It was a great weekend.”
– Marissa, Customer Care

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One comment on “Keeping up with the SmartPakers: Weekend Update – August 6, 2012
  1. Jane Smith says:

    Great pics that bring back so many memories of my life in Nwe England. Even the cows!
    Hazel is absolutely beautiful!
    Especially like the Vt. shots.

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