Meet Joan and Angel Leggs

Name: Angel Leggs
Gender: Mare
Age: 6
Breed: American Curly Horse
Discipline: Dressage
Owners: Joan Henning

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“My mare Angel Leggs, who is registered with the International Curly Horse Organization, has always been a “bug magnet”. I have to stall her on bad days to give her relief from them. We had an early spring in Michigan this year and were experiencing eighty degree temperatures and a deluge of biting insects while our horses still had their full winter coats. Angel Leggs is an American Curly Horse so she has a very curly, stiff, wiry coat and a very small tail. When she started shedding, it left patches of bare skin that the insects attacked. She had an allergic reaction to the bugs and she continued to drop her coat until she was about 75% bare skin. She looked awful! She couldn’t even be saddled because she was so sensitive. I decided to start her on SmartBug-Off and SmartOmega 3. To my great surprise, she is not fighting the insects like she has in the past! She has grown a beautiful coat, and she is so much happier! I top dress her grain with the supplements and she loves them. Thank you so much for your products! If they worked on Angel Leggs, it certainly will work for others!”