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Meet Kristen and Art Treasure (“Art”)

Name: Art Treasure (“Art”)
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Appendix Quarter Horse
Age: 13
Discipline: Hunter Under Saddle
Owners: Kristen Ressler

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From March 2012

“When Art came to me two years ago, he was in pathetic shape – underweight and stiff from front to back. He refused to go in a frame, was obviously uncomfortable at the canter and wouldn’t even roll in the field. We tried several different supplements, but nothing made much of a difference. On a friend’s recommendation, I looked through the SmartFlex line and found that SmartFlex Senior had everything I was told Art needed, with the addition of herbs and MSM to help ease his stiffness and discomfort. The serving of HA is what really did it for me, and even better, everything was all wrapped up into one easy, pelleted formula! The difference was noticeable in just two weeks. Now Art’s trot is big and extended and his canter floats – he even gets down and rolls with the rest of the herd! Thank you SmartPak for saving my horse’s joints, and making his life a lot happier.”

July 2012 Update:

“Art is having a wonderful summer, moving like a younger horse. I no longer have the cleanest horse in the barn as he quite enjoys his rolls in the dust now! We are taking the summer to perfect our technique, his take offs and strides are much more consistent. He is even allowing me to jump him bareback, which is a wonderful new experience for me! Love this supplement to bits for what it does for him.”

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