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Judge My Ride Premium Evaluation – Devon Zebrovious and Kali

Devon Zebrovious and Kali—September 21, 2012

From: Judge Carol Dean-Porter

What a fabulous picture! This looks like an English hunting print to hang on your wall. I just keep looking at you two and smiling!

Kali’s knees are up by her jaw and her nose is down to her fetlocks. She is slightly “reachy” with the lower legs, so it is possible you were a bit slow off the ground. Hard to tell, but you may have been a bit long. It is clear that Kali respected the solid stone wall. I love her relaxed expression.

Your lower leg has slipped back a bit, but your body control and release are quite good. I know she appreciates that generous release! I suspect you are trying to press her across the solid jump.

She is turned out to perfection, with perfect braids and sparkling clean (pretty impressive for galloping across muddy fields!). I see that you are turned out with flat tack, hunting whip, sandwich case (what beverage were you carrying?), formal boots with garter and your hunt colors.

I think the lady standing in the back ground approved too!

Thank you for sending us this lovely photo! How did you place in the Championships?

From: Judge Rob Gage

This is an absolutely beautiful photo of Devon and Kali. It looks like it was taken in the fall, or early spring, as the trees in the back ground have no leaves on them. I immediately noticed the traditional “hunt accoutrements”, like the flask that shows behind Devon’s leg and the traditional hunt whip she is carrying. However, Kali is beautifully braided like a top level show hunter. (Really beautiful braids!) Kali goes in a pelham…I don’t mind that for hunters. She was positively SPECTACULAR with her knees. Any show ring hunter would be proud to snap their knees as well as Kali!! I can’t tell you how important that is for safety when jumping SOLID fences….like this
stone & cement wall.

Devon lost her lower leg a bit, but I think that was because of her slightly long take off spot. Longer spots are common because of the additional pace carried by field hunters, as opposed to show hunters. I think that longish take-off spot made Kali slightly reach forward with her “toes”….no big deal. Devon should be careful to not let her feet turn sideways so much. She doesn’t want to accidentally dig her spurs into Kali’s ribs over the fences. Kali is one of those horses who stretches their heads forward soooooo much, that she requires an extra long release….which Devon gave to her beautifully!

A lot of riders couldn’t ride Kali like this….they just wouldn’t have the balance required to reach their hands forward enough.

Well, Devon….I don’t know what else to tell you, except…I hope you have this photo framed and hanging in your home somewhere. Keep it forever. Kali looks like one of those “once in a lifetime horses” and this is a fantastic & beautiful photo.

Thanks for this photo… made my day!

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