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Keeping up with the SmartPakers: Weekend Update – September 17, 2012

During the week, you know our life is no mystery: we are here working hard to make you happier and your horse healthier. But what do we do on the weekend, you ask? The mystery is finally revealed! Read about what SmartPakers did this past weekend and see if any of our adventures sound similar to yours…

“I enjoyed lots of quality pony time this weekend. On Saturday, I just hung out at the barn letting my horse graze, oiling tack, grooming, and holding her for the farrier. On Sunday I was scouting out potential new barns, and then we went for a trail ride. The weather was absolutely perfect and we got some good stretches of gallop in. I think my horse enjoyed it as much as I did!” – Emily, Accounting

“Four of my girlfriends are tying the knot this fall, so I’ve been a very busy woman with wedding festivities! This weekend, my friend Sara had her potluck bridal shower in Harwich Port, MA. I decided to make mini cheesecakes for the event! The shower had a great turn out and all the food was mouthwatering! It was a beautiful day to catch up with old friends!” – Cara, Merchandising

“I was dog sitting my friend’s adorable Lab mix, Millie, all weekend! We went to the Duxbury Beach and Millie had a blast swimming in the ocean. I also spent a lot of quality time at the barn with my horse Rex!”
– Kaitlyn, Marketing

“This weekend was the weekend to end all weekends because I made the trip down to NYC to see Green Day—my favorite band ever—play Irving Plaza! This was even more exciting than a regular Green Day concert because Irving Plaza is a tiny venue (maybe 1,000 person capacity) compared to the arenas and stadiums they usually. They ended up playing an amazing set that lasted 2.5 hours and included an awesome mix of brand new material and older songs that never get played live. The crowd was awesomely rowdy and the band was even better than they usually are(not an easy feat!). I didn’t manage to get any pictures—too busy rocking out!—but I got a couple bruises to remember it by.” – Caitlin, Customer Care

“My husband and father have been working on rebuilding our back deck every weekend this entire summer. This weekend they just about finished (minus a few small touches) and we are thrilled at how it turned out. We are so excited to have a private outside area to hang out and grill and relax. Our dogs were even more excited to have a nice sunny deck to lie on again. Our male dog, Apollo, greeted us Sunday morning with this ridiculous face, begging us to get up so he could go outside and enjoy his new favorite spot.” – Bekky, Marketing

“This weekend was another pleasant, fairly quiet weekend. On Saturday, I thought it would be nice to take my dog, Tasha, for a short hike in the Myles Standish Forest. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed the perfect weather, minus the part where I went off the trail we were following and got a little lost for an extra hour or so trying to find the correct path back to the car again. But we both survived and learned a good lesson: stick to the paved marked paths by the main entrance, not the less-marked hiking trails. Clearly Tasha and I are not meant to be the next Bear Grylls!” – Elizabeth, Customer Care

“This weekend started off bright and early with a trail ride at Borderland State Park in Easton with Elizabeth R. and her mom. Elizabeth’s mom snapped some photos of us riding in sync in one of the big fields they have at the park. The rest of the day Saturday was spent at Matt’s football game against last year’s Super Bowl champs, the Middleboro Cobras. The Taunton Gladiators took home a win beating the Cobras 20–13—a big deal! Sunday, Matt and I checked out Nessrala Farm’s corn maze in Halifax, MA. We accidentally found our way out the first time (we like a challenge) and went back in twice more just to see how quick we could master it.”
– Michelle, Customer Care

“This weekend Michelle (also on Customer Care) and I went back to our new favorite riding spot at Borderland and coerced my mother into taking more pictures of us along the way. I can’t WAIT to ride through the fall colors there in a few weeks! I managed to talk my horse into putting his feet in the lake there, which was just a precursor to a Versatility event on Sunday. There we bumbled our way through an obstacle course, complete with a real live bull, “cowboy curtain,” water obstacle and clothes lines, among other scary things. We also had a chance to try our hand at a reining pattern, though we didn’t quite look the part in our dressage getup. But we got points for trying, and I have a whole new appreciation for reining horses and riders!” – Elizabeth, Customer Care

“This weekend we took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent most of the weekend outdoors. We kicked it off by going for a hike with our chocolate lab, Eddie (he is happiest in the woods-lots of things to sniff!). Sunday morning we went kayaking on the Town River (Bridgewater, MA) and then my sister and I took my nephew Apple Picking at C.N. Smith Farm in East Bridgewater, MA.” – Lisa, Marketing

“This weekend, I decided to take a last-minute camping trip to Pawtuckaway State Park in NH. I took my kayak and went paddling on Pawtuckaway Lake, with a stop at one of the small islands for lunch. I also really enjoyed my campfire (and my campfire éclairs) later in the evening when it started to get a bit chilly.”
– Katie, Customer Care

“Henry and I enjoyed a picnic at the waterfront in Plymouth. He couldn’t help but show his support for his favorite college football team as well (Go Clemson Tigers!)” – Tierney, Customer Care

“The weather this weekend was perfect for riding! I went to the barn both days, enjoying a hill set in our back field on Saturday and a relaxed dressage ride on Sunday. I also started my pre-horse show prep for next weekend by doing some touch-up clipping. In a decidedly non-horsey finish to the weekend, I saw the movie Lawless and had dinner at Wahlburgers restaurant in Hingham.” – Sara, Creative

“I made baby back ribs in my smoker.” – Matt, IT

“This weekend I enjoyed the lovely weather at NEDA (New England Dressage Association) Fall Festival at the HITS show grounds in Saugerties, NY. As one of the largest dressage competitions on the East Coast, NEDA’s Fall Championships were full of great riders and wonderful horses. It was a real treat to watch them all perform, and maybe one day my horse and I will qualify!” – Kerri, Marketing

“This weekend I ventured up to Wakefield, MA, to visit my boyfriend, Mac, and his family. They had a bunch of relatives over for a cookout, so we got to enjoy some nice time in the sun and a friendly game of boys vs. girls volley ball (which the girls won, by the way). One of the family members brought the cutest little Cocker Spaniel puppy. It had been a long time since I got to hold a puppy, so that was a really nice treat. The little guy seemed to really like Mac, so I couldn’t help but snapping a few pictures. When I got back home to Plymouth, I found out that my barn was having a last minute BBQ, so I got to join in the fun and have some late night hot dogs and warm up next to a bonfire. Perfect end to the weekend.” – Kristina, Customer Care

“OK, this is going to sound incredibly lame, but a decent portion of my weekend was work-related. That’s partially because I came in yesterday to organize my desk (which was inspired by some much-needed closet organization at home). Having a place for everything and everything in its place really can have a positive impact on your outlook and attitude! I also did a little brainstorming around updating some parts of our website. We recently updated our jobs page:, and I love it so much that I can’t wait for more of the site to look and feel like that!!” – Sarah, Marketing

“My husband, Peter, and daughters, Amanda and Cindy (also a SmartPak employee), went apple picking at Berlin Orchards in Berlin, MA, on Sunday. The weather was perfect and the apples delicious! Wonderful family day! :)” – Wendy, Accounting

“This weekend we went to the Cape to visit my fiancé’s family for his birthday. Saturday, John and I spent the day walking around downtown Chatham followed by a family dinner and birthday cake-yum! On Sunday, we had a lazy day of everyone lying on the couch watching football games and eating jambalaya. John’s family is full of such amazing cooks—I swear all we do is eat when we go there! Unfortunately, the Jets could not pull out a win at Pittsburg, but John’s brother Mike (#70) played well. Stay tuned for more cake and presents for my birthday next weekend!” – Autumn, Merchandising

“I spent Saturday in Maid-of-Honor mode, wedding planning with my sister. We tried on several potential bridesmaid dresses and contacted possible venues. We finished the day off with a fabulous trail ride around the pond in the woods behind her house. Her fiancé was kind enough to lend me his Arab for the afternoon and we had a blast kicking up our heels together. Playing dress-up was fun, but there is nothing like ending the day in your jeans and half chaps on top of a horse who is ready to rock and roll! :)” – Sara, Customer Care

“Saturday 9/8 – Joined a gym (left excited). Sunday 9/9 – Went to my first class, ‘Butts N Guts’ (needed handrail to walk down the stairs afterwards to the locker room, barely made it to the car upright). Monday 9/10 – Made it to work (limping with the occasional audible moan). Tuesday 9/11 – Made it to work (limping worse, needed a walker but couldn’t find one). Fast forward…Saturday 9/15- Second class called “CardioSculpt” (left there with fingers crossed I could walk the next day). Sunday 9/16 – Gleeful! (Though sore, I could walk with inaudible moaning and happy to be incorporating strength training into my riding/exercise program). The end.”
– Susan, Sales

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