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Let’s Talk About Your Horse Bucket…List

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Normally, at SmartPak, we love to talk about what goes in your horse’s bucket, but today we’re talking about what’s on your horsey bucket list (pun very much intended). We asked some SmartPakers and now we want to hear from you! Answer in the comments below or join the conversation on our Facebook wall!

“I want to ride in Ireland. Nothing especially particular, I just love the countryside and scenery there and would LOVE to ride. I also swear that someday I will own an Irish Draught Sport Horse. I didn’t realize it until now but I’m seeing a theme here. I love my Thoroughbreds but I met an Irish Draught years ago that I fell in love with but couldn’t afford in my wildest dreams. Someday I will!” – Sara, Customer Care

“I would love to go to a Dude Ranch or on a cattle drive. That sounds like fun to me.” – Gina, Accounting

“My bucket list includes owning an awesome, old, dead broke draft horse that I can wake up early in the AM and take for a slow stroll, bareback in my PJs, coffee in hand, around the fields and woods at my house every morning. I also want to rescue or foster horses from neglectful or abusive backgrounds and help rehab them.”
– Autumn, Merchandising

“I have always wanted to do a real cattle drive in the west. Another dream I’ve always had is to qualify for H/J Championships or become a Medal Rider.” – Nazera, Customer Care

“I would love to eventually show in Florida (at WEF or HITS Ocala) and also get my USEF judges card for Hunters/Equitation (waiting to hear back on my New England H/J judges card application in November).”
– Jessica, IT

“Foxhunting in Ireland and horsepacking on Icelandic Ponies in Iceland.” – Colby, Marketing

“Find a baby picture of my horse!” – Molly, Merchandising

“Watch the Derby at Churchill Downs with my Dad while wearing the biggest, brightest hat I can find and participate in a cattle drive on horseback through the mountains out West.” – Ashley, Customer Care

“I’ve always wanted to go to WEG, especially in 2014 when they are in Normandy, France!” – Kerri, Marketing

“I would love to go out west and ride on a cattle farm or go to a ranch and ride through the country! I would also like to someday have a small barn in my backyard with big fenced in fields and a small 2-3 stall barn!”
– Marisa, Customer Care

“I have always wanted to see each of the Triple Crown races in person. I was there for this past Belmont stakes hoping to see I’ll Have Another rise to greatness but that didn’t happen. I would love to catch each of the other races in person. I am also hoping to go on a long trail ride out west someday.” – Kristina, Customer Care

“I’d love to have a house with enough land to bring my old man home when he’s ready to retire.”
– Sarah, Marketing

“It is my dream to go foxhunting – anywhere! I’m also dying to ride on the beach. I always wanted to have my own horse in my backyard when I was little – so now I want to bring Maddie to my parent’s house, just so I can say that I rode my own horse in my backyard.” – Michelle, Customer Care

“Go on a Cattle Drive in Wyoming, own my own pony breeding and training/OTTB retraining facility, and attend all 3 Triple Crown Races in the same year – preferably the year that we finally have a Triple Crown winner again!”
– Kaitlyn, Marketing

“Ride a Grand Prix test and get my horse, Hale, to second level!” – Martha, Customer Care

“I’d love to go horse shopping in Europe. Sounds crazy and financially insane, but a girl can dream, right?”
– Sara, Creative

“I want to take my horse Lego riding in the ocean…I’ve had him for 14 years (he’s 25) and it’s one of the few things I haven’t gotten a chance to do with him yet. I’d also love to take a Classical Dressage lesson at the Spanish Riding School.” – Ellen, Accounting

“I want to go Fox Hunting in England (not Ireland – 4’ stone walls are too scary!) and complete a One Star (Preliminary level Eventing)” – Jen, Store

“Being a “Pony Girl” I always wanted to open a tack shop that stocked EVERYTHING for ponies…with choices!”
– Heather, Merchandising

“Seeing Kentucky Derby in person and riding in Ireland.” – Jessica, Marketing

“My bucket list includes going for a beach ride and go swimming with horses!” – Courtney, Customer Care

Now it’s your turn!

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10 comments on “Let’s Talk About Your Horse Bucket…List
  1. Diane says:

    Provide a home for unwanted or abused horses to live out their lives.

  2. HFF Katie says:

    I have two that really stick out for me: #1 competing in the Burghley Horse Trials, and #2 training a big stakes winning Thoroughbred for ourselves or our clients!

  3. LVFwinny says:

    1) horse back ride from border to border in Ireland, seeing castles and things

    2) horse back ride from California to Maine and back to PA

    3) make a home for ottb’s to be retrained and loved

  4. Riding anywhere would be a dream for me. I dream of owning a horse. I love the idea of seeing other countries from the back of a horse . . . Hell, I just want to be around horses.

  5. Lisa de Brito says:

    In addition to Galway; Riding on the beach in Costa Rica is also on the bucket list and more affordable than most people realize. Plus, the locals like American’s and speak English as a second language. Check out the below Facebook web page for more details:

    • Donna Michelson says:

      Since I have visited Ireland (love the COnnemaras and Irish draught) that would be in position #1 on my bucket list. The second horsetrek I’d love to make is to ride a PRE in Spain down in Andalusia along the COsta del Sol on the beach! It’s beautiful down near Jerez de la Frontera and the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art is fantastic!

  6. Julie says:

    I really want to show at pony finals (sadly don’t have a pony), or at least go watch it. I would love to show at wef and hits and vsf, all of those kinds of shows. I dream of having a horse of my own. Also, I really want to go horse shopping in Europe(: and buy a nice warmblood.

  7. Donna Michelson says:

    I want so much to go back to Ireland and ride fm castle to castle along the Connemara-Galway coast line! Absolutely gorgeous! My second bucket wish list is to re-visit the Royal Andalusian School in Jerez, Spain and take a classical dressage lesson on a firey PRE! I would also like to visit Austria and do an Equitrek on a Lippizaner fm Vienna to Budapest visiting castles and sleeping in B&Bs like in Ireland!

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