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Meet Celia and Frisky

Name: Frisky
Age: 13
Breed: Black Lab
Gender: Male
Owners: Celia Taylor

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“Frisky is a black lab rescue dog who came to us as a 2-year-old from North Carolina. My daughter and I were instantly captured by his attentiveness and high energy. Up until about a year ago, he was an active, vibrant companion with a loving and mischievous personality. Frisky was totally involved in having fun and being the first to greet any visitors. He loved chasing balls and other toys and romping with our other two dogs.

As Frisky got older, he started having a hard time with stairs, jumping up, playing with his friends and fetching. My vet recommended a joint supplement with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, and I was looking for hyaluronic acid since we saw such a difference in our horses with this ingredient. My daughter’s current horse and previous horses have received SmartPaks and we have always been impressed with the results and helpful service, so SmartPak was a natural and reputable place for us to go. I knew that if I had a problem or question I would get the advice I needed. We chose SmartCanine Joint Ultra for Frisky because it has high levels of all three ingredients we needed. I hoped for some improvement, maybe Frisky would once again enjoy longer walks with me and greet me at the door, but it went well beyond that within the first month. Frisky is now running with our other dogs Abby and MooMoo. He fetches balls, jumps on the couch and beds, and goes up and down the stairs with little effort.

As soon as Frisky sees or hears me open his SmartPaks, he runs to me. In his senior years, he has become more discriminate about treats, but I am continually impressed by how much he enjoys these supplements. I am grateful that Frisky has his monthly delivery of such a helpful supplement!”

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One comment on “Meet Celia and Frisky
  1. Celia Taylor says:

    Happened on this and wanted to update. Frisky is still a vibrant senior. Last year he made 2 car trips to Florida and back. He thoroughly enjoyed the dog park and warm weather! Frisky still enjoys jumping up on the couch and bed and playing in the yard.Thank you Smartpak!

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