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Meet Linda and Primo

Name: Primo
Age: 10
Breed: American Warmblood
Discipline: Driving
Owners: Linda Block

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“I bought Primo at just 15 months old and we’ve been together ever since. Primo began his show career as a two year old, when he won his Keuring. Over the years, we’ve competed in numerous rated Pleasure Shows and Combined Driving Events.

I’ve always rounded out Primo’s diet with vitamin and mineral supplements as needed. Once he turned seven years old, I started him on a joint supplement as a preventative measure. Although I have been very careful as to his training, conditioning and showing career, well over a year ago he showed signs of short-stepping in his right front. Off to the vet we went immediately for a full slate of x-rays, which showed a slight arthritic spot in the coffin bone joint. It was just enough to produce some discomfort. The vet suggested a shot of hylauronic acid, which we did in addition to a very specific plan to bring him back to competition again.

Upon hearing about SmartPak supplements and reading multiple testimonials to their palatability and efficacy, I started Primo on SmartFlex® III Resilience Pellets. He loved them. I also added an additional amount of HA to bring him up to the 150 mgs the vet suggested. When SmartPak came out with SmartFlex IV Ultimate Pellets, which has the added grape seed extract, cetyl myristoleate and a larger dosage of HA, I switched immediately. Primo has never been better! He is so free in his gaits and is now doing beautiful collected work in total self-carriage while in harness. He has shown no reason to re-inject him again. I also supplement him prior, during and after (according to directions) with SmartHA® Plus Gel for added protection.

I am a confirmed believer in SmartPak products as a whole. On my recommendation, several friends and customers are now using various SmartSupplements. I have noticed a huge change in the bloom, gaits, attitude and general well-being of their horses, some of them being in excess of 20 years old!

Thank you SmartPak for your commitment to the quality of your products!”

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