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Dressage at Devon – Kingsland Dressage Launch

Hi friends! Lisa and Kirsten here from the SmartPak Marketing Team to tell you all about “Lisa and Kirsten’s Excellent Adventure”! Bright and early last Wednesday morning we packed up the car and headed for Dressage at Devon. We were both really excited since it was our first trip down to Devon, PLUS this year we had an exciting event planned for Thursday night’s Competitors Party—the official launch of the new Kingsland Dressage collection, available only at SmartPak! We chose to celebrate the introduction of this collection at Dressage at Devon’s Competitors’ Party since the products were built specifically for riders just like the ones at Devon. The Kingsland Dressage collection is “Fit for a Dressage Queen (or king),” so we knew this crowd would love what they saw. We’re very excited about this line because it is an absolutely gorgeous collection packed with details that we know any dressage rider will love. 🙂

Our six-hour drive down to Dressage at Devon flew by, and we were greeted by beautiful weather, gorgeous horses and our amazing SmartPak co-workers—Emily, Jen and Veronica who were running the SmartPak booth! We toured the grounds to get the lay of the land and to develop our plan of attack for the Kingsland Dressage launch, which was less than 24 hours away. Thursday morning, the alarm went off bright and early, but once we filled up on coffee we were ready to go. It was pouring rain, so we were all a little worried that our outdoor party would have to be moved indoors. The day was filled with putting together gift bags, blowing up balloons, checking the weather (over and over) and decorating for our Kingsland Dressage unveiling later that day. With the amazing effort of the entire SmartPak Team, we were ready for our guests to arrive at 5:00 p.m.—and it wasn’t raining!!

Party time! The riders arrived after a day of competing and took time to relax with some food, drinks and their rider friends. We, on the other hand, stood back and proudly looked at the space that had been transformed from simple picnic tables to a fashion runway with beautiful gold, silver, and black decorations to reflect the breathtaking style and revolutionary functionality of the Kingsland Dressage collection. While the attendees of the competitors’ party were enjoying the food and drink, talking and laughing with each other, the SmartPak team was busy ensuring all the finer details were set for the launch—music was ready to go, pieces from the Kingsland Dressage collection were displayed, our videographer and photographer were ready, and the models were dressed, prepped and ready to strut their stuff!

Lisa kicked off the event and grabbed everyone’s attention by introducing Carsten Mikkelsen, the CEO of Kingsland Dressage, who flew all the way from Norway to join us for this event. Carsten spoke about the inspiration behind the Kingsland Dressage collection and the finer details of various pieces within the collection. This was followed by a fashion show where the models strutted through the crowd to the beat of Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance,” showcasing the fashion and function of the collection. The models mingled with the crowd allowing people to get a “hands-on” feel of the innovative fabrics, a closer look at the technical features, like air venting under the arms, and the chance to marvel at the elegant designer details, like Swarovski crystals.

As the party began to wind down, we invited the crowd back to the SmartPak booth to get a more intimate look at the collection and have the opportunity to try it on for themselves. We got quite a crowd and everyone really seemed to love the Kingsland Dressage collection, particularly because of the beautiful craftsmanship and details infused in this product. The collection focuses on the dressage rider to fit the function and needs of them and contains products to fit the sport and market. If you’ve got a little dressage queen (or king) in your blood, you’re not going to want to miss this collection—check it out at With SmartPak’s free shipping both ways and 100% Happiness Guarantee, there’s no reason for you to not see and feel this collection for yourself!

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