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Keeping up with the SmartPakers: Weekend Update – October 1, 2012

During the week, you know our life is no mystery: we are here working hard to make you happier and your horse healthier. But what do we do on the weekend, you ask? The mystery is finally revealed! Read about what SmartPakers did this past weekend and see if any of our adventures sound similar to yours…

“This weekend Roni, Kaitlyn and I ran the Sacred Heart Food Pantry 5k road race in Middleboro. Being my first road race, I was proud to finish in 30:36 with Roni and Kaitlyn cheering my on at the finish line! After completing the race, we rewarded ourselves with a trip to the South Shore Plaza. The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet and relaxing. By the end, I found myself registering for my next race on November 22nd (yes a turkey trot).”
– Courtney, Customer Care

“I spent a lot of time hiking with my two dogs Sam and Puu this weekend. First we met up with Carrie (Creative) and her dog Honor for a walk at Wrentham State Forest. The next day we did a 4 hour hike in the Blue Hills with Cathleen (Web Marketing) and her husband Steve. While I meet them often for walks, this was a special occasion because they adopted an adorable Golden mix named Finn this weekend! We hiked high enough to enjoy views of a local music festival. My boys loved having a new playmate, and needless to say they were exhausted by the end of the weekend.” – Molly, Merchandising

“I made it to Morocco and am having an awesone time! Here are pics for the weekend update – I flew into Casablanca and met up with my friend, Aimee. We went straight to Rabat and hung out there for the day. We explored the medina and also went to see some ruins. The pic of me has the Rabat lighthouse in the background (and the Atlantic Ocean).” – Katie, Customer Care

“It rained the whole weekend, so I spent quality indoor time with my boys. My dog, True, hates the rain, so we cuddled on the couch for a TV marathon on Saturday. My horse, Diem, was stuck inside for two whole days, so he was happy to stretch his legs in the indoor and walk outside between rain showers.” – Sara, Creative

“This weekend I got married at the Boston Public Library!” – Lara, Merchandising

“This past weekend we went to The Big E in Springfield, MA. I grew up going to the New York State Fair every summer with my family, so it has been fun to continue the tradition here in Massachusetts. We had perfect weather, and it was packed! I’m afraid of heights, so rides are not my favorite thing, but I love all of the agricultural exhibits. I love walking through the livestock barns and getting to see all of the different breeds of cows, sheep and chickens. They had a black Silkie chicken sitting on a table for people to pet, which was really exciting. I was happy to see I wasn’t the only person above the age of 10 in line to pet the chicken and get a chance to ask the owner questions! This weekend, the saddle horse classes were going on, and we got to see Saddlebreds, Morgans, and Hackneys. I always love seeing the Roadster classes, and Park Harness. Of course there was the traditional over consumption of fair food, including fried Oreos and a Maine Baked Potato from the Avenue of States. So much fun! Can’t wait for next year!” – Claire, IT

“This past weekend, Gina and I took our horses Khody and Nemo trail riding. Nemo is young and very green, and has been my fun training project for the last year. Even when faced with a deep, wide river to cross, a field full of sheep to walk though, and a pen full of very large, curious pigs to walk by, he took it all in stride. I was so happy with him, and I’m glad that the fall trail riding weather if finally here so we can get more rides in soon. :)”
– Ellen, Accounting

“This past weekend I went to New York to celebrate my good friend Catie’s wedding. Aside from her celebration being beautiful, this event was even more special because I was able to see so many great friends from my first job out of college, when I worked for the New York Islanders (see group photo for the entire group). The rest of the weekend I spent visiting with friends and family, while enjoying the gorgeous September weather Long Island and Connecticut had to offer.” – Kate, Marketing

“This weekend there were a couple “first” time activities. My almost 8 month old son Cole enjoyed his first swimming class! I’m not entirely sure who enjoyed the class more, myself or Cole :). There was a lot of splashing and laughing by both of us. Cole also got to go to his first wedding! He got dressed up in his first suit and was 2nd best to the bride ;). Needless to say, we had an exhausted boy after a very busy weekend of firsts for him!” – Jennifer, Merchandising

““My weekend started on Friday at Mass Finals. I was really excited to be there but had been feeling pretty under the weather all week (and the freezing rain certainly didn’t help)! My horse Erik totally rose to the occasion and didn’t put a foot wrong the entire day. We wound up 3rd in our Open class and 7th out of 60 in the Adult 18-35 Medal Finals! What a horse. :)” – Annie, Marketing

“I went on a three hour trail ride with my horse Chandler and one of the women at the barn yesterday! It was a gorgeous day! The weather was perfect for it, and even better-I think we finally got my horse over his irrational fear of water!! He went in the pond several times AND walked through every puddle I asked him to! He was a rockstar!!!” – Jessica, Production

“I went to Westport, MA for Norfolk Hunt Club’s fall hunter pace, which is an 11 mile course along the ocean. The weather was sunny and 70 degrees, my horse was a perfect angel, and the scenery was spectacular, so it was a great ride.” – Emily, Accounting

“I had an amazing weekend in the Rawah Wilderness on the Colorado/Wyoming border for the past 5 days. 17 students, 3 other Teaching Assistants , and 4 guides made for quite a lot of fun. We rode for an estimated 54 miles in 5 days, set up drop-camps throughout the woods, and learned how to pack in all supplies on horseback. There were 41 head of horses that we would turn out at the crack of dawn to graze and have to wrangle back up again-which was really exciting when moose came to visit. We had all weather from sun to rain to hail; you never know what Colorado will throw at you. Watching the sun rise in the Rocky Mountains with yellow aspen trees everywhere was the best part of my fall-so far!” – Meaghan, Store

“Given all the rain this weekend, we spent lots of time inside by the fire. I always make my kids’ Halloween costumes and was able to get one just about completed this weekend. Here’s Rose as a witch. I think she likes it!” – Kristen, Finance

“Last weekend I headed out to western Mass with my best buddy (and SmartPak’s Creative Director), Sara. She and her horse Diem were competing in the Stoneleigh Burnham Horse and I tagged along to groom, braid and cheer. Naturally, I also spent most of the day taking adorable pictures of her and Diem. These were two of my favorites: the first is of Diem sharing a hay bag with his girlfriend Grace and the second is of Sara and Diem waiting to tackle the stadium course. This weekend was rainy and chilly, but luckily I was house-sitting my pal and fellow SmartPaker, Jno (yes, we call her “Jno” – kinda like “JLo”). That means I got to spend Saturday curled up on the couch with Jno’s amazing Redboon Coonhound mix, Bailey, and her very sweet cat, Darby. I love this picture of the two of them because you can clearly see that Darby thinks she’s a dog and Bailey thinks she’s people!” – Sarah, Marketing

“This weekend I spent a lot of quality time with my horse, Superman. We had to stay inside due to the rain, but we had good rides on both Saturday and Sunday. He’s been rehabbing from surgery and we were excited to add something new to our workout routine: cantering ground poles! (Or at least I was excited – Superman’s not sure that he’s happy about his “vacation” ending). On Saturday, I also helped out around the barn and took my trainer’s dog, Maggie, out. We took a walk around the property (there are so many good smells at a horse farm!) and then returned to the house for what I think is her favorite activity: getting her belly rubbed. No matter where you are, she flops over for a belly rub as soon as you reach down to give her a pat. I don’t have a dog of my own, so it’s fun to get the chance to play with someone else’s. Despite the poor weather, it was a good weekend overall!” – Lexi, Marketing

“My boyfriend and I went apply picking this weekend to CN Smith’s Farm in East Bridgewater. We also did some pumpkin picking, carved the pumpkin and made caramel apples and pumpkin seeds! Yummmm! Here are a couple pictures of our little adventure!” – Nazera, Customer Care

“Everyone, meet Frankie! I visited my sister, Annika, in Philadelphia this past weekend and got to meet the newest addition to our family. Annika heard him crying outside her apartment last week and took him in! This little squirt is only about 4 weeks old, very thin and malnourished, but such a sweetie! He loves to cuddle, and also play (and fall asleep) with his new toy mouse, which is bigger than he is! I also had the chance to visit my darling horse Nordic. Here he is walking over to me in his field, hoping for treats. I didn’t disappoint.”
– Delia, Customer Care

“Whitney Fernandes and I went to a Cowboy Mounted Shooting competition this weekend up in Dunstable MA. They are speed classes with patterns where the riders have to use two .45 caliber revolvers with specialized blanks loaded in them and weave through a patterns while shooting balloons. The riders and horses both were very impressive and brought the phrase “bomb proof” home for sure!” – Nicole, Customer Care

“I had a clinician in from Arizona this weekend to work with a group of us on horsemanship, timing and cadence. This time, I gave my trusty mount, Sam, a break (which he spent rolling in the rain and mud) and took my project horse, Razz, with me. The SmartCalm Ultra paid off – Razz stayed very well focused, except for a few angry faces at his stable mate. We still have lots to work on, but I think we’re still on track to a great partnership.”
– Elizabeth, Customer Care

“On Saturday, Casey and I took our horses to Sandy Neck Beach. The day could not have gone any better. Kucha and Newt loaded themselves into the trailer confidently and were calm, cool and collected the moment we arrived at the beach. We spent the afternoon exploring the shoreline and playing on line. Kucha and Newt felt safe enough to become curious about the water and sure enough, we found ourselves playing IN the ocean. The four of us even made our way out onto a sandbar! Casey and I have always dreamt about taking our horses to the beach and we are so glad we made it a priority to go before the weather turns. Here’s to crossing things off our bucket lists!” – Kristen, Customer Care

“Henley came for a visit this weekend with my mom and we got some quality snuggle time. :)”
– Laura, Customer Care

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