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Keeping up with the SmartPakers: Weekend Update – October 15, 2012

During the week, you know our life is no mystery: we are here working hard to make you happier and your horse healthier. But what do we do on the weekend, you ask? The mystery is finally revealed! Read about what SmartPakers did this past weekend and see if any of our adventures sound similar to yours…

“Last weekend my family came up to visit for my birthday. We rented a house on the Cape and took a mini vacation—everyone enjoyed the sun and just lounging around the house. Even my dog, Tasha, settled down to take a nap in the sun with me. This weekend I got caught up on my to-do list that did not get done last weekend, which of course included riding the horse I lease, Rex, in the outdoor before winter hits. I have to brag about how perfect he was this weekend; we even kept it together when an evil killer bunny jumped in front of us in the outdoor!” – Elizabeth, Customer Care

“Ellen and I went for a nice fall afternoon ride around the cranberry bogs last weekend. The horses were well behaved and enjoyed their time out and about while the sun was shining, the sky was blue with very few clouds, the wind was blowing just enough to lift our horse’s manes and add a little briskness to the air and the trees around the bogs were starting to change into beautiful tones of amber, burnt orange, reds and yellows. It was a truly perfect fall afternoon that you dream about after a long hot summer full of nasty biting bugs. Then out of nowhere a bird flew overhead and pooped all over the front of my saddle and my left foot—and that’s all I have to say about that.” – Gina, Accounting

“I ran in a local road race, Kayla’s Run, in Plymouth, MA, on Saturday. This was my 4th year doing it, and it was a great race. I won 2nd for my age group and was 24th overall. Seeing we finally had a weekend with some sunny weather, I was also able to spent the rest of the day at the barn and was able to even squeak in a trail ride with Gina on the cranberry bogs.” – Ellen, Accounting

“This weekend, my parents made the trek up from western Pennsylvania to visit their granddaughter (and my wife and I were a nice consolation prize!), so we all went to CN Smith Farm in East Bridgewater for one of their fall festivals. They had bouncy houses, a live-band, a petting zoo, pumpkins, and amazing apple picking! Plus, Hazel had her first ever pony ride! We aren’t really sure what she thought of it since she had an inquisitive ‘what-are-you-people-doing-to-me-and-what-is-this-thing-beneath-me-right-now’ look on her face the whole time. Regardless, it was great to have the whole family together and fun to get out on what was surely one of the final beautiful weekends left in New England.” – Nels, Marketing

“On Columbus Day, I ended the eventing season with a bang, WINNING my last horse trial of the season. I’m so proud of how far my horse and I have come as a team. This weekend, I had two awesome dressage rides out in the beautiful fall weather!” – Sara, Creative

“Several of our SmartPak team attended a 5K Walk/Run Fundraiser this past weekend benefiting Jordan Hospital in honor of Kayla Richards. Kayla was a beloved employee in Jordan’s Radiology Department who passed away tragically at a local fitness club at the age of 22. Kayla’s Bill was signed into law on January 3, 2007, requiring that Massachusetts health clubs have an automatic external defibrillator on site and have their staff appropriately trained on its use. Among those who attended were our very own Jill from Human Resources, Bekky from Marketing, Ellen from Customer Care, and Meg from Canine Marketing.” – Jill, Human Resources

“I was able to make it to the Big E (a large New England fair that everyone should experience at least once!) the last week that it ran. My favorite part was walking through the cow barn as I used to work with dairy cows and miss them so much! This past weekend I went home to Connecticut to visit my family and caught this cute picture of my mom’s two dogs, Lexi (middle) & Brodi (right), and my dog Bentley (left) enjoying some fresh air!”
– Paige, Customer Care

“Last weekend I took my horse Harpur to Pipestave, a fun local event. It was one of the only events we did this year, and it was an absolute blast! We had a very nice dressage test and went out and had a ton of fun jumping around the cross country and stadium courses! In between phases we enjoyed a healthy snack. After winning this event with a great dressage score, we are really excited to move up next season!” – Jillian, Customer Care

“This weekend I got to borrow my niece for an adventure—we took a drive to visit my semi-retired pony, Bella, who is being leased by a friend. Grace had a fun pony ride then I got to hop on for a quick ride. Bella felt great, and after 10 years together she can read my mind and I can anticipate every attempted spook. We took Chappy for a hike before headed home—she wasn’t very impressed with the view.” – Jen, Store

“I thought I’d take advantage of what may have been the last warm day of the season and give Newman a bath in our wash stall, complete with a swing out wash rack arm, Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo and nice warm water. I’m very lucky in that he stays pretty clean throughout the year (in fact, one of his barn names is “The Teflon Man” because his hair automatically seems to repel dirt). I’m also lucky that I don’t have to tie or cross tie him to hose him down. He’s such a good boy!” – Lydia, Staff Veterinarian

“Megan and I are were excited to be seated ring side watching the freestyle reining at the All American Quarter Horse Congress! This photo was the reining reenactment of Jaws!” – Courtney, Customer Care

“I did a whole lot of trail riding! I figured out how to ride my horse from my barn to Betty’s Neck, which is 400 acres of conservation land with lots of beautiful trails and scenery. Needless to say I am in heaven with all of these new trails to explore, and I think my horse likes it, too!” – Emily, Accounting

“This weekend, my horse Erik was a total rock star! And by rock star, I really mean it! Some friends of mine are in a prominent Boston band, The Organ Beats, and as they’re getting ready to release their new album, they were in need of some PR photos. Danny, the drummer, had always wanted to shoot with a horse, and Erik, well, Erik just loves the attention so it seemed like the perfect marriage! We had a blast and got some really great shots.” 🙂 – Annie, Marketing

“This weekend, my fiancée and I travelled to Pawling, NY, to visit my friend Melissa for her son’s first birthday. We also got a chance to visit with the horses and animals at Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue, where I adopted my horse, Chief! Melissa works at Akindale retraining off-track thoroughbreds and helping them find forever homes. Akindale was hosting a family fun day with all kinds of activities for the kids from pony rides and hay rides to a magic show. It was a ton of fun and we wanted to take a bunch of the horses home with us! We also wanted to take home this sweet baby calf! The dark bay horse shown here is Enchanted Stone, a big TB gelding with a great personality who is looking for a home!” – Jenny, Customer Care

“This weekend I was planning on heading to North Conway to do some hiking and enjoy fall’s colors. Unfortunately, a cold and some rain changed these plans. Instead, my boyfriend and I took my dog Chloe to the local beach for some play time. As you can see, she had a great time! Despite the chilly water temperatures, Chloe was more than happy to splash around. Hopefully next weekend we will get to go on our postponed hiking trip!” – Kerri, Marketing

“Over the weekend I was able to spend an decent amount of quality time not only with my two horses but also my dog PeeWee. He absolutely loves going on farm adventures and is so well mannered around the horses it’s hard to deny him of his “field trips.” With the warmer season ending things are winding down and it’s time to pick the grapes on the vineyard. The aromas of the grapes were just heavenly!” – Lindsey, Customer Care

“This weekend my family and I spent some time in the Great North Woods of Vermont! Saturday morning we drove up to Averill, VT, which is about a half mile from the Canadian border, and lucky us we got to see some SNOW! It was a little chilly first thing in the morning, but it warmed up (thankfully!) and we were able to catch some amazing views of Canada. Our two English Setters, Scout and Boo, got to work the fields and woods (and a couple of swamps!) looking for Grouse. We spent the rest of the day at the Conte Wildlife Refuge, which was full of wildlife. Scout and Boo had a blast there, and I had even more fun watching them navigate the woods and tricky terrain with such ease. My Jack Russell, Parker, loves hanging out with the Setters even though he can’t quite keep up with them.” :). – Jenifer, Customer Care

(Copyright Shawn McMillen Photography)

“Two weekends ago I competed at the Ariat Adult Medal Finals held at Capital Challenge. This was my first time competing a big indoor show but I had a great experience thanks to my trainers and my partner “Cooper”. Read the full story here:” – Renee, Merchandising

“Sunday was a great day not only for pumpkin picking, but also for carving!” – Jon, IT

“This weekend a group of us (Susan, Kaitlyn and myself) traveled down to Aubrey, TX, for the annual Legacy Reining Breeders Sale. It was a packed house as riders from all over the country came for a chance to bid on some of the best reining horses in the country. Special thanks to McQuay Stables and Tom McCutcheon Reining Horses for being such gracious hosts. Though we didn’t come home with any new horses, we had a great time!” – Becki, Western Marketing

“Last weekend, I braved the elements and went to the Patriots/Broncos game to see the Patriots take a victory at home. I went to the game with my husband, mother-in-law (HUGE Peyton Manning fan), sister-in-law and her boyfriend. Also Abby, one of my two dogs, was away at the National Portuguese Water Dog Club of America dog show and took home a blue ribbon in the Brood Bitch Class. She showed as part of a trio with her mother and brother. (She is the last one in the picture.)

This weekend was a bit quieter, but I spent some quality time with my two- and four-legged family. Saturday I had a fun bareback ride on my horse Ritchie and spent the rest of the day hanging out at the barn. Sunday I stopped by the local IEA show to cheer on some fellow riders then stopped by my barn to visit with Ritchie. Later, my husband and I spent the remainder of the day at home with some friends and of course the dogs (Zoe and Abby).” – Whitney, Customer Care

“This weekend, I took my husband to visit my alma mater, Rice University in Houston, TX. He had never been, and I hadn’t been back since graduation, and that’s been over a decade now. Rice turned 100 this year and had a huge celebration, so what better time to return than when they’re having a big party? We celebrated with all the Owls and had our fill of BBQ and Tex Mex, since we can’t get that here at home. You can’t go back in time, but this was a great weekend we won’t forget. We’ll be back in another decade or so when we start exploring colleges with our kids!” – Kristen, Finance

“This was a rare horse-free weekend for me. I went home to NYC to visit my family and see Bring it On: The Musical (it was everything I dreamed it would be and more). The highlight of my weekend was catching up with my family, including my sister out in Vegas—two 3.5-hour drives in two days leaves lots of time for phone calls! A very close second-place highlight was seeing my mom’s adorable dogs, Skippy and Penny. Both are miniature dachshunds and they’re both so wiggly and wonderful! Penny is much better at posing for the camera than Skippy, who wants to be inside the camera (not the brightest bulb in the box).” – Sarah, Marketing

“This weekend I went to the Legacy Reining Breeders Sale in Aubrey, TX. Our sponsored riders Tim McQuay and Tom McCutcheon had many horses in the sale, as did many other reiners in the area! I was a breeding intern at McQuay Stables back in 2011, so the sale was particularly exciting for me because I was familiar with many of the yearlings. Here is a picture of me with one of my favorites, Big Time Tinsletown, when he was a foal, and another picture of him at the sale this weekend. It’s crazy how much he has changed!” – Kaitlyn, Customer Care

“This weekend was jam-packed full of things to do. Friday night Matt and I headed down to Fall River to check out a wrestling match that Matt’s friend from college was participating in. It was definitely an experience. Saturday I was up early to meet Elizabeth R. (fellow SmartPaker) for a frosty fall trail ride at Borderland State Park in Easton. The rest of Saturday was spent house hunting and running errands. Sunday afternoon was Dog Fest in East Bridgewater. We brought Ruca, my brother’s Olde English Bulldog to participate. She won third place in the “down competition” out of 30 other dogs! She also conquered a few agility obstacles that a year ago she wouldn’t look twice at. Sunday night finished off with two very sad football losses —The Pats, obviously, and the Taunton Gladiators ended their season with a 15-12 loss to rival team Worcester Fury in the playoffs. Rough end to the weekend, but overall, very fun!” – Michelle, Customer Care

“Last weekend, we went to New Jersey to visit my Fiancés brother Mike and his wife, Jessie. Mike plays defensive end for the Jets and since they were playing a Monday night game we got to spend some extra time with him between practices. On Sunday, we got to go to the team walk-through. After watching the practice, Mike showed us around the Jets practice facility and John even got to go to the locker room and meet Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. Despite playing a great game, the Jets were unable to pull off a win against Houston, but they made up for it this weekend against the Colts.” – Autumn, Merchandising

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