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Barn of the Month – American Acres Training Center

American Acres – Little Rock, AR
Owner: Carol Jones
Barn Manager: Elizabeth Fordyce
Equine SmartPaks: 16

About American Acres

American Acres Training Center is located in Little Rock, Arkansas and has been in this location for eight years. Carol Jones is the owner and trainer and has been an equine professional for 30 years. The focus of our training program at American Acres is to help youth and amateur riders develop skills to enjoy and show their horses in a safe and successful manner. We show in a wide variety of events and disciplines with a number of different breeds of horses. Appaloosas and American Saddlebreds are the majority of the barn population, showing in western pleasure, trail, hunter under saddle, and gaming events. We have show horses, lesson horses, and weekend pleasure riding horses.

As our number of horses increased, so did the number of buckets and bottles of supplements, which made our feed room very difficult to manage. Along with Barn Manager Elizabeth Fordyce, Carol made the decision to become a SmartBarn about a year ago. Because of the variety of supplements available from SmartPak, we were able to make a very easy transition from the buckets and bottles to the SmartPaks. Now when we pack for a show, we take a drawer of SmartPaks for the horses and are easily able to maintain each horse on their supplement routine. The feed crew finds the SmartPak system much easier to follow with no waste, no missed measurements, and less chance for spillage. Since each SmartPak comes labeled with the horse’s name, mistakes at feeding time are much less likely. We have a horse with Cushing’s who receives his prescription medication in SmartPaks, older horses on SmartFlex for joint maintenance, SmartGain 4 for some hard-keepers, and SmartCalm for our show horses to support trainability and focus. The staff at SmartPak is very knowledgeable about supplements to help each individual. We have horses bought and sold within the barn and transferring the account information to the new owner is very simple so there’s no lapse in the horse getting the supplements he needs.

St. Louis Charity horse show Sept 2012.

SmartPak horses John John, owner Francis Wilson (4th at World Championship); Girlfriend, owner Bob Mullenax (2012 World Champion;) and Lady, owned by Karen Carlin (Reserve World Champion). St Louis Charity Horse Show Sept. 2012 – Working Western Pleasure.

Girlfriend a.k.a. Red Hot Momma owned by Bob Mullenax, shown by Carrie Kessler, trained by Carol Jones. 4x World Champion Working Western Pleasure.

SmartPak mare Deedee, owner Riley Lipschitz – 2011 Reserve World Champion in NezPerce Stakes (pole bending).

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4 comments on “Barn of the Month – American Acres Training Center
  1. Julia Mays says:

    She’s the best!!!!

  2. Carole Granderson says:

    I am proud to say that I know the gang at American Acres! They are a great bunch of folks and Ms. Carol is the best. Her students are always mannerly and well behaved at the shows in and out of the ring. A truly well deserved honor.

  3. Janna Pfautz says:

    Carol does an outstanding job keeping our show Appaloosa’s and my granddaughter “show ready”. SmartPak’s give her one less thing to worry about. A well deserved honor to the the SmartPak Barn of the Month!!

  4. Char Sondrall says:

    Carol is the best, she did a wonderful job of training and showing my wonderful American Saddlebred Winsdown Diamond Dee. Manny thanks for all you did for Jimmy and me.

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