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Meet Lindsay and Brutus

Name: Brutus
Age: 8
Breed: Thoroughbred
Discipline: Hunter/Jumper
Owner: Lindsay Taylor

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“Last year, Brutus was losing shoes left and right. That problem quickly turned into a bigger issue when his hooves started breaking up. I had ordered supplements from SmartPak before, so I turned to them when I decided to put Brutus on a hoof supplement to improve his hoof quality. I started Brutus on a supplement to improve his hoof quality. For the first time ever, Brutus is keeping all of his shoes on through entire shoeing cycles, and I’m not seeing the breakage in his hooves that I used to. I’ve noticed that they seem to be growing faster, too. Brutus loves the taste of the pellets—he eats them straight out of my hand and thinks that they’re a tasty treat!”

Why Lindsay Uses SmartPaks

“I love that SmartPaks are so easy to feed. I feed my horses wherever they happen to be, which is usually somewhere in their huge field. It’s easy to grab all of their SmartPaks and take them outside to feed. Our routine would be so much more difficult if we had to buy our supplements in buckets.”

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