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The Name Game – 2012’s Top Horse Names

Got a “Jack” in your barn? You’re not alone!

Every year, thousands of horse owners discover the peace of mind and convenience that come with the SmartPaks supplement feeding system. That means that every year we get to welcome thousands of new horses into the SmartPaks “stable.” And as every rider knows, a new horse in the barn means a new name to learn. The names we hear range from the run of the mill to a little more “creative” (just yesterday we welcomed “Doodle” and “Her Majesty”).

As part of our year-end tradition, we compiled a list of the top 100 horse names for the last year. Check out the list and see if your horse’s name made the cut!

Pak Fact: The names with *’s are shared by SmartPakers’ horses!

1. Jack
2. Buddy
3. Bella*
4. Max
5. Rocky*
6. Charlie*
7. Chance
8. Cody*
9. Annie
10. Beau
11. Bailey
12. Blue*
13. Star
14. Sunny*
15. Red
16. Lady
17. Rosie
18. Jake
19. Romeo
20. Tucker
21. Lucy*
22. Teddy
23. Doc
24. Gracie
25. Lucky
26. Maggie
27. Dakota
28. Toby
29. Rio
30. Belle
31. Molly
32. Sam*
33. Ben
34. Magic
35. Cash*
36. Oliver
37. Ace
38. Lilly
39. Lily
40. Fancy
41. Sonny
42. Daisy
43. Harley
44. Ginger
45. George
46. Ruby
47. Misty
48. Prince
49. Duke
50. Joe
51. Angel
52. Jazz
53. Indy
54. Stormy
55. Cowboy
56. Sugar
57. Penny
58. Leo
59. Dusty
60. Joey
61. Flash
62. Ellie*
63. Bentley
64. Willow
65. Sassy
66. Gus
67. Dixie
68. Cooper
69. Sophie
70. Chip
71. Scout
72. Danny*
73. Shadow
74. Henry
75. Bo
76. Riley
77. Rose
78. Missy
79. Abby
80. Rusty
81. Louie
82. Holly
83. Willie
84. Stella
85. Luke
86. Smokey
87. Honey
88. Spirit
89. Sadie
90. Grace
91. Andy
92. Mac
93. Scooter
94. Pete
95. Dolly
96. Chloe
97. Winston
98. Lola
99. Hank
100. Junior

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88 comments on “The Name Game – 2012’s Top Horse Names
  1. Wendi says:

    Awright LUCKY made it to #17….lol
    LUCKY says THANK YOU for his smart Paks……….teeheeeeee

  2. Wendi says:

    ooops I lied #19…lol

  3. Heather says:

    Only two of my horses have “common” names apparently! Maggie and Winston made the list, but Jonah, Bravo, and Sizzle are still fairly unique. 🙂

  4. Jarrah says:

    Sad but expected Julep not listed.

  5. Suzanne says:

    Neither of my boys made the list…. :~( Oh wait, I guess that’s a good thing! 😀

  6. Sue says:

    I don’t think #77 Aww Kitty Kitty can be real? No offense if it is. I love the name Kitty for anything or anyone. It just seems most unlikely on the list, IMO?

  7. Vickie says:

    Yea! My Sassy is on there #76 )

  8. Jessica says:

    I have a Lillith and Eve, Lilly is the closest to mine And I agree Ahh Kitty Kitty can not be real….lol..

  9. Cindy says:

    I agree with previous commenters who’ve noted that “Aww Kitty Kitty” seems more unique than common. 😉

    My horse technically didn’t make the list, as I spell his barn name “Andi” (and his registered name is actually “Orlando”). But I loved seeing this list of classics, many of which called to mind horses I’ve known and loved over the years.

  10. Janet Ortega says:

    I guess Arab names are not popular?? LOL Karis Shemar & El Mariahs Darrcafa

  11. Breana says:

    I’m surprised my horse Finn didn’t make the list. I mean its a pretty cool name that you don’t hear vary often.

  12. Katie says:

    I see Snow didnt make the list but thats ok because I know I own a very special mare .

  13. Keenia says:

    My “Sunni” almost made it. There were 2 that were spelled differently than hers. But my daughters “Doozy” was no where to be found! :0)

  14. OdiesMom says:

    Where’s Odie?

  15. Kristin says:

    Aww my boy made #2!!!!!!

  16. Greys N Horses says:

    Aww Kitty Kitty has the character by it to indicate it is a “Smart Paker” name? However, I agree with the above..unusual and I don’t think it would make it in the top 100 of most COMMON names. My Mateo, Comanche (surprised on that one), Larka, Norman, Tigger, Twister and Tarzan did not make the list. Oh by the way, we are looking for a Jane.. LOL..

    • Jeanne Murphy says:

      I havae a JANE! ! 21 years old and 34.75″ tall.. silver black tobi! ! She has a silver mushroom filly Lacey and that name did not make the did 27 od my others! ! Annie, Princess, and Rosa (rosie) but no Arrow, Sweet, Tanzy, Mari, Mamma Pat, Taffy, Freya, Halo, Dottie, (Appy), Pega, Chickie, Tumby, Warrior, Ole, Charm, Jessie, Maggie, and so on.. My names are very unusual.. and I like it that way! !

  17. Moira says:

    No Artemis on there – but my mare is definitely one of a kind, so I didn’t expect to see her name listed!
    Can’t believe Aww Kitty Kitty is for real!

    • Bridget says:

      haha It’s not. Down at the bottom they said it was a joke. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that one on the list either. 😉

  18. Moira says:

    We have a Jack, an Angel and a Tango in our barn.

  19. carolyn says:

    Glad to see Sadie made the list! She’s coming 25, a thoroughbred and grand daughter of the famed Seattle Slew. She was also the mom of Tux who has crossed the rainbow bridge. Definitely a Grande Old Dame…

  20. Hunter says:

    Yay my horse made number 11!!! 🙂 My horse Bailey is a boy though 🙂

  21. Tina Mae says:

    None of mine are on there….

  22. My RIP old friend “Beau” made it, but new pal “Fledge” didn’t–even though he gets his name from a favorite book of mine: The Magician’s Nephew by CS Lewis. Love the list!

  23. Trish Haden says:

    My Christmas Cash sort of made #31 and we both love Smart Pak

  24. Laurie Sherman-Roberts says:

    None of my horses made it. Kirby, Jetson and Dexter. Just means they are unique.

  25. Cindi Moravec says:

    What no Zack’s? I’m surprised.

  26. peter says:

    no tequila come on

  27. Brandy says:

    Several names matches our herd but wasn’t on it. We have a dusty, daisy, ruby, sunny my baby but the rest is cheyenne, apache, benin, tony, lady, mistic, chazera, spitfire, licorice, ringo and deigo. Big herd of names…lol

  28. Kaila says:

    My mare’s name made it 🙂 Lady!! I had a horse named “kat” I called her miss kitty though! I am really surprised Sierra or Blackie didn’t make the list or honey and Jewel, those were all the horse’s with names I had 🙂 this list give me ideas for my mare’s foal as well!

  29. Surprise! My Morgan gelding, Indy, made the list at 56. My mare didn’t though. Petite Ami – called Ami (ah-MEE). French for Little Friend. She’s a pony.

  30. Kaydi says:

    My “buddy” is #1! but my “spot” didn’t make it.

  31. Leanne says:

    Those are all very good names, but my ”Reggie” wasn’t on your list! He is a one of a kind!

    • Blaze Miller says:

      thats soo cool i have a chestnut gelding named Reggie!hes a one of a kind too well, exept for his name hahah! he kinda made the list tho cuz he used to be named lucky 🙂 theres allso a Teddy, Lady, Romeo, Cash, Stormy, Willow, Sophie, (and Winston but hes a dog:P ) at my barn

  32. Tj says:

    My neighbors love it when I walk outside and yell ” Geronimo ” at the top of lungs and within minutes, thundering hooves can be heard rushing towards me and they witness these majestic creatures bursting into view as they round the corner of the barn nostrils flaring, heads held high and prancing around in anticipation of the reason they were beckoned.

  33. Megan says:

    None of the horses I’ve had made the list. So far I’ve had Diamond, Casper, Hootie and Scarface. And I didn’t name a single one!

    My mom and dad have an Abby and a Ben.

    I’m surprised Chick isn’t up there, since I’ve met quite a few of those. It must be a QH name.

  34. downhomesunset says:

    Abigail, Hazel, Vicky, and Tootsie didn’t make it. But Sophie did….

  35. Holly says:

    None of mine made the list – Zephyr, Woodrow, and Patchy, but Sadie is the name of one of our pooches. I thought Zephyr was unique and I’m right! sweet!

  36. Natalie says:

    I know or have known horses with 22 of those names… and I’ve only been in the horse world for about 8 years, wow! My Amethyst didn’t make it but I wasn’t expecting that.

  37. Paige says:

    My current guys are Masquerade, Vivandier (Vivie for short)and Fienix. I’ve also owned horses over the years named Mystery, Rush, Kahlua, Banner, Diva and Miller.

  38. Olivia says:

    Wow, Buddy is number one. Shoot. My sister has a Lady. haha Teddy was my first horse… They’re all up there except for Sis. This should be called “100 names not to call your horse” haha

  39. Angela says:

    Wow, I know so many horses with all those names!!

  40. Vanessa says:

    My girls – Lexie & Ebony didn’t make the list either.. maybe they would have been 101 & 102 !!

  41. Diane says:

    I love lists like this! Thanks!
    Only Daisy made the list, no Zippy, Trinket, Ivan, Areion, Kazi, or Cactus…But then, Cactus Jack is a donkey, not a horse…:-)

  42. Stacy says:

    Surprised that Coco’s not on there! None of my horses made it: Shianne, Coco, Snickles, Dinero

  43. Dianne says:

    What? No Otto???

  44. Suzy says:

    Must not be a lot of Appaloosas! My horse Joker shares his name with a fair number of Appys (as Joker B was the foundation sire).

  45. Katie says:

    None of mine on there 🙂 Napoleon and Aurora. I used to have a Snaus which is definitely a unique one. RIP Snaus

  46. Loril says:

    🙁 Griffin did not make the list. It’s my top horse name, though!

  47. Yeeeeahh says:

    One of my horses made the list! The other two didn’t though.

  48. Constance says:

    I’m glad my Spright (olde English for imp) and Zephyr (God of the west winds) did not make the list as they are the most different personalities I have ever met.

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