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Too Hot? Too Cold? How to Find Just Right.

Would your horse pass the Goldilocks test? If it feels like you’re riding a powder keg or a drowsy slug, the right supplements might help!

Keeping your horse between you and the ground shouldn’t be a daily challenge. On the other hand, you don’t want a horse that sleepwalks through life. Finding the middle ground requires good training and a balanced diet, which in some cases, includes supplements for support.

Too Hot to Handle

We’ve all seen him—the horse that’s unfazed by the 100° heat and 80% humidity. Everyone else can barely stay standing and he’s jigging away in the middle of the ring, only stopping to stamp his feet or whinny to his buddies at the trailer. This horse is the definition of “too hot.”

Where to Begin

If that situation sounds familiar, take another look at your horse’s living situation and see if there’s for room for improvement.

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A horse that’s overly excitable under saddle may be getting too much grain. Instead of maxing out on a traditional pellet or sweet feed, try a low starch option or decrease his serving size and add a vitamin/mineral supplement. Feeding one of our targeted SmartVites would be the perfect way to balance his diet while avoiding the “sugar high” that can come with a full serving of fortified grain. If your horse needs help maintaining his weight, a weight gain supplement like SmartGain 4®, can help by providing healthy fats for a “cool” source of calories, along with amino acids for muscle development, plus ingredients for healthy digestion and appetite.

Cooling Down

If your horse has a balanced diet and plenty of turnout, and he’s still wild in the ring, it may be time to give calming supplements a try. Quiessence contains a healthy dose of Magnesium, a mineral that’s important for normal nerve and muscle function. Ex Stress and SmartCalm® combine Magnesium with Vitamin B1, which plays a key role in the transmission of nerve impulses. For the ultimate support, try SmartCalm® Ultra. This comprehensive herb-free formula includes the ingredients in SmartCalm, plus L-Tryptophan. The body converts this essential amino acid into serotonin, a hormone that may increase feelings of well-being and contentment.

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Turn “Too Slow” into “Let’s Go!”

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If you’ve worked to ensure that your horse has a complete and balanced diet, but he still feels like he’s running on empty, you may want to consider adding an energy supplement. You’ve probably heard of adding iron to support his red blood cells. However, feeding extra iron has not been shown to improve red blood cell count or athletic ability, and experts agree that iron is rarely deficient in a horse’s diet. SmartEnergy® Pellets offers a smarter solution, providing a comprehensive selection of nutritional building blocks required for the production of healthy red blood cells.

Summing it Up

As with everything else, it’s always best to work with your veterinarian. If they’ve ruled out any medical concerns and you want to give supplements a try, call the SmartPak experts today at 1-888-752-5171 for a free consultation!

Not sure where to start? SmartPak can help!

In just five minutes, the Supplement Wizard will create a custom program for your horse. Start today at!

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