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Is Your Horse At Risk?

Recent research has shown there may be things you’re accidentally doing (or not doing) that are proven to increase your horse’s risk.

Hay changes

Your barn manager talks about feeding a “new cut” of hay.
What you may not know is…

hay changes can cause a

increase in colic risk


Feed changes

Your horse has been losing weight, so you up his grain a little bit. What you may not know is…

grain changes
(type or amount)
can cause a

increase in colic risk


Changes in exercise

You enter your horse in a few classes at a show. What you may not know is…
Changes in exercise routine have been linked to digestive upset.


Changes in stall time

Your horse has to go on stall rest for a few days after coming up sore. What you may not know is…
A sudden increase in stall time can cause disruptions in normal digestive processes.


Sound Familiar?

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If any of these scenarios ring a bell, your horse could benefit from consistent daily support of his digestive system. Fortunately, that’s exactly what SmartDigest® Ultra is designed to do.

Cohen ND, Factors predisposing to colic, 8th Congress on Equine Medicine and Surgery, 2003. White NA, Equine Colic II: Causes and risks for colic, 52nd Annual Convention of AAEP, 2006

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